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Here we go again. Another CNN News attack on Trump, or this time Trump Jr., and oops, it was wrong.

Right on cue, the Washington Post stepped in, and in it, to defend CNN:

CNN botched a story about Trump Jr. — who claims, without evidence, that reporters ‘got played’

By Saturday, Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter feed was filled with tweets and retweets slamming CNN over its bombshell-turned-dud story involving WikiLeaks documents and the president’s eldest son.

Trump Jr., who, like his father, is vocally partisan and highly critical of the mainstream media on Twitter, claimed — without evidence — that CNN reporters Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb “got played” by their “puppet masters.” He also tweeted that CNN’s “democratic sources” are trying to push a false narrative.

I thought Don Bongino’s response said it well:

“The Washington Post is really a incredible collection of imbeciles. CNN launches another fake news “bombshell” and the buffoons at the WaPo try to blame Don Jr. This is really a special kind of stupid. “

Then Washington Post writer David Weigel posted a picture of a half-empty arena in Pensacola where Trump was to speak. The only trouble was the half-empty arena was half-empty because people were still arriving. Weigel apologized, took down the picture and all might have moved along.

Then Trump, in all his Trumpiness decided to tweet that Weigel should be fired.

At which time CNN’s Brian Stelter rushed to Weigel’s defense. And so a nothing story became so much more. Trump should have accepted the apology and shut up. And Stelter? Well journalism and the country as a whole would be better served if he just shut up.

Was Weigel’s image a direct attempt to hit Trump? Yes. Did he botch it? Yes. Did he apologize for it? Yes. Do I think there is something insidious about all the hits and runs and apologies and deleting of said hits? Yes.

As one wise tweeter said:

Here’s the MSM’s problem: They are so eager to “get” Trump that they actually disseminate fake news and play directly into his hands. This is clearly an example, as were ABC and CNN this week. ~ Vince Skolny

Earlier this week ABC was the culprit via their either seriously dishonest or seriously incompetent mouthpiece Brian Ross and now CNN has stepped in to prove to all those who thought they were purveyors of fake news, that they are purveyors of fake news.

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It’s too easy to say that they’re incompetent. Or just in such a hurry to air something negative about Donald Trump or any member of his administration or family that they simply screwed up. I wonder about that. It looks to me as if it’s deliberate and meant to misinform.

Do we have networks that can’t get out of their own way? Or do we have networks who know that what they first put on air is what most viewers will remember and believe? This is especially suspect from ABC and CNN who have beaten the drums of Trump/Russia/collusion for well over a year.

Each new bit of news, true or not, is seen by the true-believers in the Trump/Russia/collusion cult as the smoking gun. A gun which unfortunately for them usually doesn’t smoke. It certainly doesn’t shoot straight.  The Trump/Russia/collusion obsessed don’t care. They believe and that’s enough.Image result for fake news cartoon images

Most of the left along with many of the #NeverTrumpers on the right believes . Some want to believe it so much that each little bit of fake news adds to their suspicion that there is something there if only we could find it.

Each bit of “news” that supports what they believe is cause for jubilation. Witness the idiocy of Joy Behar on The View. Her “joy” was premature and wrong. Her own hate made her celebrate and in the end made her look a fool – something she should be used to by now.

“The View” co-host Joy Behar, during the Monday airing of the ABC show, admitted that she was a perpetrator of “premature evaluation” during her Friday celebration of Brian Ross’ erroneous Michael Flynn report.

Ross’ report said that former national security adviser Michael Flynn would testify against President Donald Trump, and said that Flynn was directed to coordinate communication with Russia while Trump was a still a candidate.

Related image

Having observed the MSM since the advent of Trump I’m often reminded of the scene in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 where Peter Quill asks Rocket if it’s his goal to make everyone hate him – because it’s working. Someone should ask the MSM the same question.

The MSM takes offense at Trump’s calling them “Fake News” and then prove him right. What kind of dumb is that?

Are they all this incompetent or are these “mistakes” planned to mislead the public?

Fake news from ABC, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNN & the Washington Post misrepresented the Trump administration…

Deutsche Bank subpoena: Reuters and Bloomberg both reported on Tuesday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for information on accounts relating to President Trump and his family members — seemingly confirming that Mueller had expanded his probe to investigate the president’s financial dealings.

The WSJ defused that bombshell in a follow-up report stating that the subpoenas actually dealt with “people or entities close to Mr. Trump.”

The MSM go out of their way now that Trump is in the White House, to prove to the public that they are liars, cheats and seriously biased people. Not to mention seriously sore losers.

Why do these fools continue to act like adolescent mean girls? Is it the fact that Trump smacks them upside their egos on a regular basis?  Between their hate of Trump and their arrogant belief that they should somehow be exempt from criticism they’re their own worst enemy.  Some of them, many of them, are our worst enemies in my humble opinion. We need facts to make decisions. We aren’t getting them.

Have a great day and don’t let the buzzards get ya down.

This is, as always, an


25 Responses to “📺 Fake News or Misdirection ? 📰”

  1. piper Says:

    Good morning from snowy here.

    I would like the media to go out and actually investigate their story like they did once upon a time but whom am I kidding regarding truth vs agenda. The only positive is more and more people are ‘woke’ to the media constant grinding agenda of hysteria.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Good morning Piper. Beautiful image and beautiful thought.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        Amen to that, piper. Wouldn’t that be nice?

        Great image!

        And GREAT post, Marge. Thank you so much for covering this. The malfeasance by the Media has been off the charts horrible. A whole BUNCH of these folks deserve to lose their jobs…

  2. kenoshamarge Says:

  3. kenoshamarge Says:

    Real reporters, and reporters/journalists with integrity are few and far between these days. There are a few but they don’t get the exposure that the frauds and fools do.

    I am of the opinion, and it is just my opinion, that the media insanity since Obama came on the scene and then the assendence of Trump is twofold.

    First they had their love affair with Obama exposed and people began to see that they were very biased.

    Then along came Trump and after pushing him with billions in free advertising so that Hillary could then defeat him, saw him win and they could not believe it. They, the all powerful media had lost. And they have been throwing a temper tantrum ever since.

    Now I believe that many of the “fake” stories, even those later retracted and/or apologized for, are not mistakes but serious actions to make the notoriously short-memoried public believe things that just aren’t true. Or too muddy the waters to a point where no one know that the heck is going on.

    I may be wrong and I will eat my words if and when I see something that proves me wrong. Til then, it’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      I would not be ONE bit surprised if that was the case. Marge. They know people run with the story they report and rarely see,or care, abt any corrections to the story. So they continue to disseminate false information all over the place and continue to get away with it. It is appalling.

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    CNN Contributor: Media Mistakes Are Why People Should Trust The Media

    During a segment on “Reliable Sources,” CNN contributor David Frum said Sunday that factual errors in reporting stories are precisely why people should trust the news media.

    Frum then launched into a bizarre metaphor about astronomers and reporters. The gist is that journalism is “a process” and that mistakes “occur in the process of exposing the lies that the liars then complain about the mistakes.”


    When your ideology forces you to defend the indefensible you end up sounding like an idiot. And he did.

  6. kenoshamarge Says:

    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      True that. I can appreciate the dilemma for women who speak out, but some of them ARE lying, like the ones who took down the Duke Lacrosse team and UVA frat.

      Yep – you want to believe them, and most of them likely are telling the truth. Due process is how we arrive at who is/not truthful…

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        Many, probably most are telling the truth. But too many attention seekers will jump on the #Metoo bandwagon and people will be destroyed for no reason. Not to mention that the crime is being narrowly defined. More so all the time. And a smart mouth remark is being treated as if it was assault or rape.

  7. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    I just caught up on Sharyl Attkisson’s show, “Full Measure,” for the past few weeks I missed while on the cruise and in Cabo. I wish we could clone that woman. She really is one of the very, very few true journalists left.

    If her show doesn’t air in your particular areas, you can watch it on Youtube or at FullMeasure.com. It is beyond refreshing to get the fact, just the facts, from a reporter…

  8. kenoshamarge Says:

  9. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Well, tomorrow is the big day in AL. If indeed the allegations against Moore are true, that is a big problem. At this point, they continue to be just that – allegations. And the woman who claimed Moore wrote in her yearbook has now admitted she added some things to the bottom of the page. I am all for this process to work itself through, and if he indeed did act inappropriately, he must be held to account.

    Meanwhile, though, his Dem. opponent, Doug Jones, is an extremist when it comes to abortion. I heard something abt this earlier today – that he essentially supports abortion up until birth. thought that had to be an exaggeration. Turns out, it is not – he said it: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/453878/alabama-senate-race-roy-moore-doug-jones-democrat-abortion-opposes-restrictions-late-term-abortion

    Frankly, neither one seems to be a good choice, but wow – the comments abt abortion are astonishing. Both men seem to be in need of a moral compass (assuming the allegations against Moore are true).

    WTH is going on in this country?! Sheesh…

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Some of those who intend to vote for Moore think that even if he did act “inappropriately” it isn’t as bad as a man who thinks that killing babies is just dandy.

      I just don’t know what to think anymore.

      Roy Moore is a long way from and ideal candidate but IMO Doug Jones is much worse. So if I was voting I guess I’d vote for Moore. It’s not the lesser of two evils in my mind, it’s the kinda slimy and the really evil. That makes it less of a difficult choice. Now we’ll see what the voters think.

      Roy Moore’s Core Supporters in Alabama Don’t Care What You Think

      A recent CBS/YouGov poll found that among voters who don’t believe the allegations against Moore, 91 percent say Democrats are behind them and 89 percent also say the media is behind them. Fuller says he doesn’t go to church but, like most people in Alabama, he believes in God and thinks Moore has been unfairly attacked for years. Unlike most politicians, who he says are only in office to enrich themselves, “Roy Moore won’t take a dime.”

      Same People Who Misread 2016 Dismiss Alabama Voters

      Whether you think the accusations against Moore are credible or not, these are not unreasonable arguments. They are also not necessarily borne of ignorance, bigotry, or populist fervor, as so many Washington pundits like to claim. Even if you aren’t convinced by his supporters’ arguments, they must be reckoned with and answered, not dismissed or scoffed at, precisely because they are so prevalent.

      That CBS/YouGov poll found that 71 percent of Alabama Republicans don’t believe the allegations against Moore, while just 17 percent say the accusations are true. The poll also found a majority of likely voters believe that other things matter more in this election than the accusations against Moore.


      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

        I have to say, when you get Allred involved, the woman with what appears to be proof has it discredited – by her own self (and there were already questions abt who actually wrote it anyway), and a general lack of proof against one candidate (again, due process matters unless someone admits hey did what they were accused of doing), and the actual words out of the mouth of another that all but call for infanticide, yeah – it is not as hard of a choice as it might appear.

        But you are right – they are far from ideal. Wow. What a world.

  10. kenoshamarge Says:

  11. kenoshamarge Says:

    On Eve of Alabama Senate Race, Polls Are All Over The Place


  12. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    A friend just had this on Facebook and I just have to share it with you. It cracked me up – love it:

  13. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Good grief. Great that there are some new restrictions, but still, if they can deny Diabetics because of their need for insulin, how do they justify accepting those who require hormones on a regular basis? The military ain’t like it used to be, that’s for damn sure: http://ijr.com/2017/12/1033092-military-start-accepting-transgender-enlistees-beginning-2018/

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Trying to turn the military into some kind of a social experiment is stupid beyond my comprehending. I don’t want to see anyone denied their civil rights but I also don’t want to see the protection which is the primary job of both government and military decreased.

      I personally think “transgender” is an illness and should be treated as such. Therefore I regard “transgenders” being included in the military as forced insanity.

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