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😡 Temper Tantrum Territory 🤬

October 22, 2018


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When I was very young I used to see other children throw a temper tantrum and I was amazed. I had tried the same behavior once and hadn’t sat down comfortably for several days. We were most definitely a “spare the rod and spoil the child family”.

The phrase “spare the rod, spoil the child” is a modern-day proverb that means if a parent refuses to discipline an unruly child, that child will grow accustomed to getting his own way. He will become, in the common vernacular, a spoiled brat. The saying comes from Proverbs 13:24, “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.” The Lord uses discipline to reveal our sin to us. This is also how parents reveal the truth of our need for a Savior to their children. When a child does not feel the consequence of his sin, he will not understand that sin requires punishment.

We were also a family that believed that once you were punished you moved on and didn’t need to be reminded constantly of your transgressions. And we got “spankings” applied to the seat of the problem – not beatings.

If I was astonished at the bad behavior of children all those years ago you can imagine how mind-boggling I find the actions of adults who throw temper-tantrums.

Once you get a bunch of mental midgets throwing temper tantrums together in a group – the next thing you know – you have a mob. A mob by it’s very definition is a dangerous thing. Unseemly, unsightly yes, but also dangerous.

Mob: a large and disorderly crowd of people especially : one bent on riotous or destructive action

One thing you can count on is that you average adult temper tantrum throwing nitwit will also be prone to expletive laden rants. They will also be so profoundly ignorant that you wonder how they can possible believe they have a right to engage in conversation with other adults.

Always a show with those who play the victim..."Patty's so mean to me...waaaaaahhh. Think about why I was mean..."

These are generally the people that live in a constant state of outrage. They have no tolerance for anyone or anything that doesn’t fit into their narrow, and usually wrong, narrative. Should you dare to disagree – a temper tantrum, ensues. Usually out of all proportion to what ever the topic for discussion was.

They, the temper tantrum throwing adults, have no time for a discussion. What could they learn when they all ready know everything? They can spout talking points as if they meant something and parrot lies and distortions without a chance that they might, for one moment, realize the insane things they are saying. Or that they are accusing neighbors and family members, who dare to disagree with them of such atrocities.Choose between become smart person or idiots ;)

Usually adult temper tantrums aren’t physical —they don’t involve kicking toys or jumping up and down screaming, although sometimes they do. In fact we are seeing more and more adults having temper tantrums who don’t stop just with words but advance past rhetoric to actions.

Take the fools that pound on doors, scream at others through a bullhorn and generally make a general nuisance of themselves. They say they are simply using their first amendment rights to “peacefully” protest.

Maybe it’s just me but pounding on doors doesn’t seem peaceful to me and screeching through a bullhorn is hard on the ears if you happen to be close to them. Which I most definitely try not to be.

 Part of the definition of a personality disorder is an inaccurate perception of reality. When this distorted perception is revealed, the outcome is frequently anger. There are nine different personality disorders but the most likely candidates for this type of behavior are those with narcissistic, paranoid, dependent, borderline, obsessive-compulsive, and anti-social (sociopath and psychopath) personalities.

Thus adults throwing temper tantrums.

Watching the behavior of some of our citizens is scary. They’re like crazed animals.

Just like a toddler, an adult who feels deprived of attention might act out inappropriately. Some adults don’t care if the attention they received is positive or negative, they just want to be at the center by commanding an audience through a tantrum.

Society has become so fake that the truth outrages some people. They cannot accept the truth. So they throw one of their childish temper tantrums as a way to shut up anyone who is telling them that they’re wrong. Because these people, like a toddler, cannot accept that they might be wrong. If you really want to see them explode tell them that you are right.

Tantrums typically follow an action made by another person that results in the recipient feeling angry, disappointed or discouraged. Behaviorists consider actions that include angry outbursts, aggression, and rage as maladaptive.

With maturity, adults typically move in a direction of developing socially appropriate methods to express anger. Adults are encouraged to verbally express how they feel, instead of acting out in a manner that is hurtful or disruptive to others.


“As we age, we must begin to realize that people aren’t always going to say what we want them to say. People aren’t always going to do what we want them to do. We also need to learn that we will never have complete control over other people’s actions. A mature adult should strive to have control over their emotions to help them maintain healthy relationships with the people they come in contact with on a daily basis.

Living or working with an adult who has frequent tantrums can be very taxing on those around them. When the person gets into one of their moods they show little to no regard for the feelings of anyone else.  It’s as if they’re able to block out the fact that anyone else’s  feelings matter except their own. From a psychological perspective they fail to demonstrate empathy for others and engage in grandiose behavior or completely fixate on their needs and show no regard for others.”

What you can do when someone is having a tantrum:

  • Know the signs and don’t engage
  • Wait them out, check the start time and identify the duration
  • Identify patterns
  • Speak in calm and even tone
  • Point out their behavior
  • Walk away
  • Breathe and release
  • Don’t take it personal
  • Test their accusations for accuracy
  • Find something to do to distract yourself while you wait them out
  • In severe cases seek emergency intervention

There are a lot of things I could say about adults and their temper tantrums. Better I don’t. Because I have no respect, no empathy and no use for such people. And that doesn’t say good things about me.

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Y’all have a great day and I hope no idiot adult having a temper tantrum comes your way. Don’t count on it.

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