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What’s going on now that we’ve reached mid-week?

I’ll give you some stories I found interesting and a little off the beaten track.

And of course, since this is me, there will be cartoons! Emoji

Bharara Cautions Resistance: It’s Not the Southern District’s Job to Get Rid of Trump

Former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara advised opponents of President Donald Trump Tuesday not to put their hope into being “delivered from him” by law enforcement officials.

Bharara appeared on Deadline: White House and cautioned the “resistance” to focus on defeating Trump in the 2020 election. Many progressives were already disappointed last month with the report that Mueller’s probe would produce no further indictments and cleared Trump on collusion with Russia in 2016.

“I also want to caution people. Maybe not everyone will love hearing this,” Bharara said. “Lots of people don’t like the president, think he should not be president, and they want to be delivered from him, and I get that, and I may be one of those people also. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to be delivered from that in some place other than the ballot box. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be delivered from that by Bob Mueller, as good as he is, because his job was not to get the president.”

“The Southern District’s job, the place I used to lead, is not to get the president,” he added. “Maybe they’ll find evidence of a crime, maybe they’ll think they have something to say in a courtroom, whether it’s about the hush money payments or something else or the Trump Organization, but if people don’t like the direction of the country and they think we’re moving away from the ideals of the country should be about, whether it’s on immigration or decency or rule of law, then they should set their sights and their energy on doing things politically.”

Jim Jordan Blasts Oversight Dems for ‘Reckless Decisions’ Regarding Security Clearance Whistleblower

Rep Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on Tuesday blasted the House Oversight and Reform Committee Democrat majority’s handling of the explosive testimony of a White House Personnel Security Office employee. The whistleblower, 39-year-old Tricia Newbold, is accusing the  Trump White House of grossly mismanaging security clearances.

Although former White House personnel security director Carl Kline has already agreed to testify voluntarily, the Oversight panel met Tuesday morning to mark up a resolution to authorize a subpoena compelling him to testify on the Trump administration’s security clearance process. The resolution was passed on a party-line vote, with Republicans voting against what they deemed an unnecessary subpoena.

In recent days, Newbold has leveled a series of so-called bombshell allegations against the Trump White House, claiming it had overruled national security concerns of career officials to grant up to 25 high-level security clearances to people who were initially denied that access.

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10 Little Known Facts about the U.S. Constitution

Here are 10 curious facts you may not be aware of regarding the Constitution:

  1. The U.S. Constitution is the shortest national constitution in the world at 4,400 words.
  2. Over 11,000 amendments to the Constitution have been proposed, only 27 have been ratified.
  3. Benjamin Franklin was the oldest signer of the constitution at 81. He died at age 84.
  4. George Washington initially proposed a ‘day of thanks’ or Thanksgiving Day as a way to honor the Constitution.
  5. While drafting, the Constitution included a clause that would abolish slavery 20 years after its implementation.
  6. Only 12 of the 13 colonies were present during the drafting of the Constitution. Rhode Island did not want to participate and was the last to sign on May 29, 1790.
  7. Independence Hall, where the Constitution was signed, is also where the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation were signed several years earlier.
  8. The iconic first words of the Constitution, ‘We the people of the United States,’ originally listed each individual state from north to south instead of ‘the United States.’
  9. Gouverneur Morris, a delegate from Pennsylvania is usually credited as the ‘Penman of the Constitution.’ Actually, a man named Jacob Shallus – assistant clerk of the Pennsylvania State Assembly – penned most of the document.

Daniel Greenfield: What If You Launch a Presidential Campaign and No One Shows Up?

Welcome to the worst 2020 kickoff rally in America.

Bruce Thornton: Joe Biden and Progressive Hypocrisy

Why the allegations against him aren’t about predatory masculinity.

One of the more interesting fronts in the Democrat internecine struggle between the rich, old People of Pallor and the “woke,” young People of Color centers on Joe Biden and his penchant for inappropriately touching women. Biden’s bad habit of invading the personal space of women and girls in sexually suggestive ways has long been known and dismissed as a personal quirk of his regular-guy persona.

But with Biden making noises about entering the 2020 presidential race, many Dems on the left are suddenly having epiphanies about Uncle Joe’s sexist sins. With a dozen candidates vying for the nomination, Biden’s long-forgiven antics are now coming back as “woke” political karma.

Once more, for Democrats, claims of alleged identity-politics principle come down to questions of whose political ox is being gored.

Take Lucy Flores, a former Nevada assemblywoman, who claims that five years ago at a political event Biden stood close behind her and kissed her hair, leaving her feeling “uneasy, gross, and confused. She made no bones about her political motivations, telling CNN, “The reason why we’re having these conversations about Vice President Joe Biden is because he’s considering running for president.” Flores supported Bernie Sanders in 2016, and has attended a campaign rally for “Beto” O’Rourke, the Irish gringo with a culturally appropriated nickname.

 McConnell: Due to Endless Democratic Obstruction, It’s Time to Fast-Track Trump Nominees 

McConnell recites some powerful statistics that justify his course of action, pointing out the truly extraordinary abuse of forced, time-consuming cloture votes by Senate Democrats during President Trump’s first two years on the job:

<blockquote>Across the first two years of each of the six presidents preceding President Trump, the Senate only had to hold 24 total cloture votes on nominations. That’s the once-rare procedural step that unlocks an up-or-down confirmation vote even though a minority has sought to block it. And in President Trump’s first two years? We had to hold a stunning 128 cloture votes to advance nominations. Our Democratic colleagues made the Senate jump over five times as many hurdles as in the equivalent periods in the Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations combined. Because of this obstruction, the Senate’s progress in filling important executive branch positions has been insufficient. Crucial jobs are still being held empty out of political spite. More nominees whom I suspect would be confirmed without opposition are still being delayed indefinitely because our colleagues cannot finish grieving their loss in 2016.


It Is Outrageous that Supporting Trump Is Dangerous

By Lloyd Marcus

My car, which has a “Trump/Pence” bumper sticker, was keyed. While pumping gas, a motorist seemed impressed by my courage to have a Trump bumper sticker. People have told me they are afraid to wear a MAGA cap or have a Trump sign on their lawn.

Having to feel so afraid to express our political views is outrageous. Democrats and fake news media have so twisted the meaning of “MAGA” and generated such hatred for Trump that citizens are afraid to publicly support the president of the United States. This is still America. Thugs who physically attack us for expressing our First Amendment right to free speech must be prosecuted.

Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other Democrat domestic terrorists routinely beat up Trump supporters. Meanwhile, fake news media promotes their lie that the Tea Party is the violent movement. The Tea Party is totally nonviolent. Brothers and sisters, it requires courage to stand with Trump in his quest to bring America back from Democrats’ destruction. I am grateful that God is on our side.

In the Clint Eastwood movie, Pale Rider, an evil businessman with an army of thugs tried to force small landowners to sell him their land. If the landowners did not sell, the businessman threatened to kill them and take their land. The small landowners voted to stay and fight for their land. They asked Preacher (Eastwood) to lead them. Preacher said, “If I lead you, some of you will die.” In other words, Preacher was saying freedom ain’t free.

As we join Trump in the battle to restore America’s greatness and recover our freedoms, MAGA cap wearers will be beaten, cars will be keyed. Freedom ain’t free.

Ben Shapiro: When You Don’t Appreciate Your Civilization

Last week, former Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the Biden Courage Awards ceremony in preparation for his presidential campaign launch. There, in an attempt to forestall claims that as a white man, he simply isn’t intersectional enough to compete in the Democratic primaries, he critiqued a central pillar of Western civilization as inherently racist. “Back in the late 1300s, so many women were dying at the hands of their husbands because they were chattel, just like the cattle, or the sheep, that the court of common law decided they had to do something about the extent of the deaths,” Biden fibbed. “So you know what they said? No man has a right to chastise his woman with a rod thicker than the circumference of his thumb. This is English jurisprudential culture, a white man’s culture. It’s got to change. It’s got to change.”

Biden’s take was, as always, historically illiterate. The “rule of thumb” story has been circulating for years — and it has been repeatedly debunked. There was no “rule of thumb,” as feminist scholar Christina Hoff Sommers points out. “On the contrary,” she writes, “British law since the 1700s and our American laws predating the Revolution prohibit wife beating.” In actuality, the phrase originated in craftsmen so expert that they could perform tasks without precise measuring tools.

  Dennis Prager: How the Left Keeps Me Religious. Yes, the LEFT. 

Nothing keeps me religious more than the left, not even religion itself.

I am not even particularly “spiritual.” My religiosity is overwhelmingly rational (the title of my Bible commentary is “The Rational Bible”). I believe in G od because creation rationally suggests a Creator.

The force that has most propelled me to religion is the great (secular) religion of the last hundred years: the left. If most people of the left (the left, not liberalism) — people who have not only rejected but scorned G od, Judaism, Christianity and the Bible — were decent individuals, were committed to intellectual honesty and had produced some great art and works of wisdom, leftism would have constituted a serious challenge to my religious beliefs.

But the very opposite is the case. While liberals have done some good, everything the left has touched it has ruined. The most obvious example is universities. As Harvard professor Steven Pinker, a liberal and an atheist, put it, the left has rendered the universities a “laughingstock.”

The most G odless, religion-free and Bible-free institution in the West, the university, has become the both the stupidest and most morally corrupt institution in the West. That is what first awakened me to the indispensability of G od, religion and the Bible. I first wrote about it some 25 years ago (“How I found G od at Columbia”).

I hope you have a great day. Be well!

This is an open thread.


19 Responses to “🧐 What’s Up Wednesday❔”

  1. kenoshamarge Says:

    ‘They’re petrified of her’: Donald Trump speaks the TRUTH about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Dems during NRCC fundraiser

    Trump mocks the Green New Deal: “The GND, done by a young bartender, 29-years-old. A young bartender, wonderful young woman. … You have Senators that are professionals…white hair…and they’re standing behind her and they’re shaking, they’re petrified of her”

    Right on cue. The “young bartender” line is being turned into a pejorative while leaving out that he basically called her the leader of the party.

    OK, this is pretty clever of Trump. There’s no good way for AOC or Dems to react to this. As always, I don’t know how much conscious strategery went into this, but at minimum, damn good instincts for this kind of thing. ~ Mark Hemingway


  2. kenoshamarge Says:

  3. piper Says:

    That cartoon sums up the latest hypocrisy.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      Schiff and Swalwell as well as Slapsy Maxine are trying but the smart ones know this issue is dead.

  4. piper Says:

    You have presented another summary of the latest outrages.

    This cartoon sums up today’s dems.


  5. kenoshamarge Says:

    Tucker Carlson Beats CNN’s Entire Prime Time Line Up Combined. CNN Isn’t Taking It Well.

    Fox News’ Tucker Carlson absolutely dominated CNN last week, beating their entire prime time line up combined in total viewers by over 1,000,000 viewers — and CNN is not handling the news well.

    CNN’s entire prime time line up garnered 2,474,000 total viewers compared to Carlson’s 3,475,000 total viewers.

    Ratings from Nielsen Media Research for 03/25-03/29:

    FOX News Tucker Carlson: 3,475,000 total viewers; 625,000 viewers in the 25-54 age demographic
    CNN Cooper: 810,000 total viewers; 203,000 viewers in the 25-54 age demographic
    CNN Cuomo: 875,000 total viewers; 217,000 viewers in the 25-54 age demographic
    CNN Lemon: 789,000 total viewers; 228,000 viewers in the 25-54 age demographic

    Fox News’ ratings exploded last week after Attorney General William Barr sent his letter to Congress saying that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

    At first, CNN responded to the blow out in ratings with CNN’s Brian Stelter claiming: “Since the letter’s release on Sunday, there hasn’t been much news.”


  6. kenoshamarge Says:

  7. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    What a great collection of stories, fascinating Constitution facts, and cartoons. Well done, Marge!

    I love Jim Jordan – he has got to be one of the best politicians in DC. He tells it like it is and does not back down. And his calling out of the behavior of Dems is sorely, sorely needed.

    I have a disturbing story for you. Fortunately, it was handled swiftly and with suspensions, but that this kind of thing is happening at all is beyond disturbing:


    • kenoshamarge Says:

      This is beyond disturbing – this is unacceptable!

      The last paragraph in the piece – quoting Rabbi Hier – is exactly right.

      “Every day, we are shocked to find out how prevalent this cancerous malignancy is in our society,” he continued. “If this is what they can say in their youth, what can we expect of them when they mature into adults?”

  8. kenoshamarge Says:

    David Harsanyi: Sorry You’re Offended, But ‘Palestine’ Does Not Exist

    Although one day it might, Palestine doesn’t exist today. An independent Arab Palestine has never existed. It didn’t exist under the Ottoman rule or the British Mandate or, in the end, under a United Nations Partition Plan that was rejected by every single Arab state and Palestinian leadership. It didn’t exist when the Palestinians were governed by governments in Jordan and Egypt (a time when there was virtually no international pressure to create an independent Palestine) and it didn’t come into existence when the Arab states rejected Israel’s peace gestures after the 1967 and 1973 wars.

    Yasser Arafat ultimately rejected peace in every negotiation he ever participated in, embracing Intifada instead. Palestine didn’t exist after Israel granted Gaza autonomy and the populace turned to the terrorists of Hamas, and it won’t exist until Hamas and Fatah stop engaging in and supporting terrorism and drop their absurd demands for Jerusalem and the Right of Return.

    Rashida Tlaib can put as many sticky notes over Israel as she likes, and it won’t change this reality.


    • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

      LOL – not at the article, but that I was putting in the ink to this article above. The instant I hit “Post,” I saw you already had it up.

      Can you believe this???? That an elected council member, who is Jewish and represents a heavily Jewish area, is given this level of grief by the Mayor no less for making a factually accurate statement???

      Oh, wait – that’s right – it’s all abt FEELINGS with these people…

      • kenoshamarge Says:

        GM – and all that. I had read the Harsanyi article earlier and filed it. I’m a fan of his and he was right on target with this. For years anyone who bothered to learn something about the ME has known – The Is no Palestine .

        Why on earth do Americans support these people who are lead by terrorists?

  9. kenoshamarge Says:

  10. piper Says:

    Stole this from another site just because. Of course, I appropriate a lot of items/images from other site.

  11. kenoshamarge Says:

    A Brewing Rebellion in the Emerald City

    For the past five years, like many of its West Coast counterparts, Seattle has endured a steady expansion of homelessness, addiction, mental illness, crime, and street disorder. But the activist class—a political and cultural elite comprising leaders in government, nonprofits, philanthropy, and media—has enforced a strict taboo on declaring the obvious: something is terribly wrong in the Emerald City.

    Last month, veteran Seattle reporter Eric Johnson of KOMO violated that taboo with a shocking, hour-long documentary called Seattle is Dying, which revealed how the city has allowed a small subset of the homeless population—drug-addicted and mentally-ill criminals—to wreak havoc. Johnson’s portrait is backed up by evidence from King County homelessness data, by city attorney candidate Scott Lindsay’s “prolific offender” report on 100 homeless individuals responsible for more than 3,500 criminal cases, and by my own reporting on the homelessness crisis.


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