Another Week Begins

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I like to begin my week with a sampling of what’s being “talked” about around the internet. I try to include some articles that are  off the beaten path.  Different voices, not just the most popular or well known usually teach us something.

They are in no particular order – just as I found them.

I hope you find them a good start to a new week.

Today’s quotes are about self-importance.

Democrat Projectionists

By Clarice Feldman

I’m not the first person to note that whatever Democrats accuse their opponents of doing, it is they, in fact, who are doing it. If you are puzzled why the Biden Administration scotched the Keystone Pipeline but gave a thumbs up on the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany, perhaps this explanation will help. Under the banner of “green energy” to control emissions. Germany began shutting down the cleanest emitting power stations: nuclear. In 2000, nuclear had a 29.5 percent share of its power generation mix. In 2020 that share dropped to 11.4 percent and next year every one of its nuclear plants is scheduled to be shut down.

Where will the lost energy generation come from? Russia. Do you think that this will place Germany increasingly at the mercy of Russia? I do, and it’s not just Germany.

Platts Analytics said Russian pipeline gas supply to northwest, central and eastern Europe, and Italy would rise from around 130 Bcm/year in 2020 to around 150 Bcm/year by 2040.

Does it look to you as it does to me, that the green energy/climate change movement is but a means to increase the political fortunes of China and Russia while weakening the West?

“The emptiest people are full of themselves.” ~ Francis Shenstone

Post image

The Two Uncle Joes

By John Simpson

In 1937, Adolf Hitler and his intelligence staff devised one of the most brilliant disinformation operations in history. Diplomatic cables were sent from Berlin to Moscow, using a code the Nazis knew Stalin had broken. The Red Army, which had already lost many trained officers and men to Stalin’s sweeping nationwide Terror, would soon be targeted for mass liquidation. The cables Hitler ordered sent to the German embassy in Moscow detailed a widespread conspiracy in the Red Army to overthrow Stalin. Top Red Army commanders were mentioned by name. All Hitler had to do was trigger Uncle Joe’s insane paranoia so that Stalin himself would smash his own armies and save Hitler’s Wehrmacht the task.

The rest is history. The first disastrous result of the Great Purge of Russian armed forces in 1937-38 was the Red Army’s humiliation at the hands of the scrappy Finns during Stalin’s invasion of Finland in 1940. When Hitler received word of what was happening in Finland, he famously told his top military planners that Russia was a rotten house that would fall with one kick.

Hitler then directed his military commanders to begin planning Operation Barbarossa, which began on June 22, 1941. It was the largest military invasion in history, involving over three million Axis troops across a front over fifteen hundred miles wide. The Axis invasion force included divisions composed entirely of Finnish troops, who were eager to return the favor of ruthless invasion to Stalin.

“Good leadership is pervasive, persuasive, and persistent. Bad leadership is poisoned with pedanticism, posturing, self-importance.” ~ Marcia Whicker

Georgia Judge Unseals More Than 145,000 Absentee Ballots For 2020 Election Fraud Investigation

By Gabe Kaminsky

After months of consideration, a judge in Fulton County, Georgia, has ruled that absentee ballots from the 2020 presidential election will be unsealed and examined for evidence of fraud.

Henry Superior Court Judge Brian Amero said in a hearing Friday that Fulton election officials will be required to keep ballots in their custody. More than 145,000 ballots will be analyzed. The decision comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed by voting integrity advocate Garland Favorito, who determined county workers may have recorded individual votes multiple times, and eight others. His lawsuit directly points to footage of the counting process and statements from individuals who observed the counting. There have been dozens of election-related lawsuits in Georgia.

Georgia voters deserve to have confidence that their voice — and their vote — is heard,” said former Republican Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who lost her seat to Democrat Raphael Warnock in a January runoff election. “Unfortunately, the many irregularities we saw in the 2020 elections have eroded trust in our electoral process.

“Self-importance requires spending most of one’s life offended by something or someone.” ~ Carlos Castaneda

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Garrison Keillor – An adventure in my own home on Tuesday

The life of an honest satirist is a hard life and so there are few of them.

We cherish our delusions — I am very fond of mine, especially the belief that I am master of my house and captain of my ship, but on Tuesday, sitting on the throne, I saw that the toilet paper dispenser was empty, no extra rolls of Scott tissue in sight, and the Chief Provisioner was off on her daily walk, and so I had to hike around the apartment, pants at half-mast, looking for the goods.

A man who doesn’t know where the toilet paper is kept in an apartment he’s lived in for many years is in a ridiculous position. He knows this as he wanders from room to room, opening cupboards, looking in drawers, hoping she does not walk in and see her husband the noted author in this delicate moment. He has lived with his head in the clouds and lost touch with the essentials of life.

The satirist H.L. Mencken would have cherished the thought. He was an old newspaperman who wrote for blue-collar freethinkers who rode the streetcars and enjoyed Henry putting down the authorities. “A judge is a law student who grades his own examination papers. A historian is an unsuccessful novelist. A philosopher is a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn’t there. A theologian is the man who finds it.

A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin. An author is a man who, in the absence of toilet tissue, is forced to use his own manuscript and regrets that he wrote on such stiff paper.”

“Humility does not mean believing oneself to be inferior, but to be freed from self-importance. It is a state of natural simplicity which is in harmony with our true nature and allows us to taste the freshness of the present moment.” ~ Matthieu Ricard

Political Cartoons by AF Branco

The Capitol ‘armed insurrection’ narrative is crumbling

The more we know about January 6, the less we see

By Roger Kimball

Will January 6 go down as another ‘day of infamy,’ an assault against America akin in its seriousness to December 7, which commemorates Pearl Harbor? Maybe, but not for the reasons that comparison suggests.

Sure, many irresponsible commentators — but here I repeat myself — and Democratic politicians compared the January 6 protest at the Capitol to December 7, to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, even (thank you Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer) to the Civil War.

Back in February, I noted here that there were a few differences between these two sets of events. At the Capitol, we were told that ‘domestic extremists’ or ‘domestic terrorists’ at the instigation of Donald Trump ‘stormed’ the Capitol in what amounted to an ‘armed insurrection.’

One trouble with that narrative is that the only arms were deployed by the Capitol police, one of whom shot someone dead. The victim’s name was Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed veteran and pro-Trump activist who was trying to climb through a window.

“It is the cult of self that is killing the United States. This cult has within it the classic traits of psychopaths: superficial charm, grandiosity and self-importance ; a need for constant stimulation; a penchant for lying, deception and manipulation; and the incapacity for remorse or guilt. “ ~ Chris Hedges

Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

 angry grandmother character Stock Vector - 32613549JMO

I’ve been of the opinion for many years, along with people much smarter than I am, that “common sense” isn’t all that common. In fact most of the time it’s dang hard to find. Never did I expect to have my opinion proven so well and so often as it has been proved in the past 10 years. In fact every year it seems to be less common.

Will some of the people, that would be the segment of the population that can be fooled “all of the time”, believe anything they hear, or read. Nitwits are all too common.

Be well. Be safe.

Beware the “woke folk” .

🧵 This Is An Open Thread 🧵

14 Responses to “Another Week Begins”

  1. kinthenorthwest Says:

    Thank you Keno for great day of toons and great articles.2 Toons are already being shared around FB and all have several likes.

    Another Monday and it still feels like we are heading down some crazy path to ??? I’m not sure anymore, but this is not America anymore especially Oregon.

    Sad, but I not even sure I want to even go out of my house and do my errands. Between my medical boot, and the mask mess can I just keep hiding in my house until I can get it packed up and moved?
    Literally scared of what will happen out there. In Washington they using the honor system as to mask. So technically I could go shopping up there and avoid the pro vax people by lying & not wearing a mask, or I can go shopping here in Oregon & take my chances.
    Lightfoot toon —Damn!!! Do believe MLK’s dream has been so totally squashed. Today they having ceremonies all over for Floyd. Come on guys the guy was a rapist and drugie. What next are we going to be declaring April 20th a holiday…Oh yea I looked it up, for April 20 is Hitler’s birthday…

    To go with your Lightfoot toon…Damn lets see if you white and in a mask you now judged by your skin color and whether or not you show that you got vaxxed or not.

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      I haven’t left my house except to go to the doctor in over a year. I wouldn’t then if he didn’t insist I come in once a year for a checkup in order to get my blood pressure medication renewed.

      Since Lou has been unable to drive we now not only shop on-line but have our groceries delivered. I have to say – I prefer it.

      I can sit here quietly at my keyboard and spend as much, or as little time as i want to choose what I want or need. I usually do the same thing I do with Amazon – take a few days to fill my cart and think about things before I buy.

      I have been amazed to find things at my local store I never knew they offered when I zipped through. I used to hate it – now I enjoy it.

      All the store asks is that if you interact with the shopper/delivery people is that you wear a mask then. I wave through the door and tell them thanks – no mask – no foul.

  2. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Great collection of stories, quotes, and cartoons you have amassed for us today, Marge. Thanks so much!

    A friend was laughing when I told her that I “passed” my pre-surgery COVID test. She jokingly asked how that could be since I don’t wear a mask hardly EVER and go to restaurants, see family/friends, and have traveled and everything. I mean, I MUST be the only person in the WORLD to be negative if the fear mongers are to be believed. 😀

    Anyway – thank you!

    • kinthenorthwest Says:

      Praying for you Amy==
      Hey I have been going to a church for 2 years now without masks, even during the pandemic.
      Lord been good…Strange that South Dakota, and several other states barely had mask mandates. World from at least South Dakota was this was one of their mildest flu season. Some there are calling it a flu season. If one looks at the states with all the spikes, it is the states that still have the mandates and pushing the vaccine.
      Word out of India is that large % of the people dying from COVID were people who had been vaccinated. Scary. —I said word…there seems to be many different stories on this.
      Some are saying it is due to hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and some other medications.

      The role of vaccinations in India’s SURGING death rate can no longer be denied

  3. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Hey, for those of you watching The Chosen, this video will be taken down tonight (you have to get the app, or go to Angel Studios, or

    This has a lengthy interview with the actor who plays John the Baptizer, as well as country superstar and Chosen superfan, Thomas Rhett Akins. I love his music, btw, and have been a fan of his for some time:

  4. kenoshamarge Says:

  5. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    It’s abt damn time people stopped being silenced abt their regrets at transitioning. The damage these teachers and doctors, along with some (insane) parents are doing to their kids is untenable:

  6. kenoshamarge Says:

  7. kenoshamarge Says:

    Exactly How Corporate Media Launders Opinion To Attack Inconvenient People And Facts

    By Christopher Bedford

    A New York Times business correspondent in Hong Kong, a weekend editor at The Guardian who lives in New York, a British Business Insider reporter with a focus on the Saudis, and the executive editor of The Daily Beast.

    A 48-year-old blogger who works for Rachel Maddow, a union activist who covers “extremism, far-right politics and media disinformation” for The Huffington Post, and the 29-year editor of the Arkansas Times.

    A breaking news reporter at The Washington Post who wrapped up her most recent internship in May 2016, a 2016 University of Pennsylvania graduate who covers “young people doing big things” for Forbes, a 45-year-old former George Will intern who writes for CNN, and David Frum.

    What do these people have in common, aside from their political ideology? Every one of them is a part of a machine that launders smears and opinions through newspapers, magazines, and television channels, presents the cleaned-up product as unimpeachable truth to the public, and then uses the fresh-minted facts to protect friends and hurt enemies. It’s called “the news,” and here’s how it worked for Arkansas’ Sen. Tom Cotton’s completely plausible theory that COVID-19 came from a Chinese lab.

  8. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy Says:

    Parents pay $47,000 a YEAR for this NYC prep school, and they put the students through what can only be described as a XXX presentation which celebrated the marketability of a sex work app.

    I would yank my kid out of there, and SUE them for child endangerment, so fast their heads would spin:

    • kenoshamarge Says:

      What the left touches – the left destroys. Education is dead in this country. It will need to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. And while that is happening how many children will not get an education.

      There also needs to be very, very strict standards about who can and who cannot teach. No more ideologues in classrooms tainting out children.

      The hope of a nation is in hit’s following generation. We’ve allowed the left to seriously tarnish at least 1 and probably 2 generations.

      As for a college education? Most are not worth anything.

      Billions, perhaps trillions in student debt for a sub-standard “education” that most of us could better with a reading list from a person who actually is educated. Which means they don’t teach in an Ivy League School.

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