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Friday the 13th Cartoon Commentary ☂️

July 13, 2018

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Happy Friday the 13th!

I am not superstitious yet find myself tossing salt over my shoulder, avoiding walking under ladders, that’s just common sense, and knocking wood.

Black cats are just as arrogant and in charge of humanity as any other kind so I see no point in avoiding them. Witch’s Familiars? As if a cat would.

It has been another crazy week and the great cartoonists have given us plenty of fun, funny and thought provoking cartoons to enjoy. So here were go.

Robert Arial is seldom on my radar screen. He’s too far left for me most of the time. But this time he right on target IMO. Evidently even from his left of center perspective it’s time NATO started paying it’s fair share.

The remarkable Steve Kelly also has a problem with our fellow NATO members not picking up their fair share of the tab. This has been the problem for a very long time. Yet we never call them on it. We sure are wimpy for a Superpower.

The marvelous Lisa Benson gives us this little gem. Don’t you just love it? You have to wonder if Hillary did decide to run again if anyone would help her. Could she even win her party’s nomination? That would be the ultimate humiliation.

I absolutely love this brilliant Terry C. Wise cartoon! Is there a doubt in anyone’s mind how many left-wing heads would explode if Obama was treated the same way as Trump? They would be playing the race-card immediately and often. But then they always do.

Isn’t this Mike Shelton cartoon about the pickle the Dems have themselves in over the issue of getting rid of ICE ingenious?


Rick Kollinger‘s clever cartoon about ICE is also noteworthy. And the addition of Fauxcahontas is masterly.


Here’s another winner from Rick Kollinger. Or at least I think so. But then any image of Pelosi and Waters going off a cliff gets my vote.


I almost always think that A.F. Branco cartoons are the work of a genius. This fantastic cartoon goes to prove that IMO. This one is so spot on I can hardly keep from standing up and cheering.

Cartoon by A.F.Branco - Strzok Out

Bob Gorrell‘s cartoon shows how differently the left and the right view things. Or more accurately how, at least in this instance, the right sees the scumbag for what he is and the left want to sugar coat their baby boy.

The inspired cartoons of Henry Payne have been among my favorites for some time. I hope he continues to give us the benefit of his brilliance for a long time. Since he is only 56 there’s a good chance he will do just that.

Henry Payne has criticized the mainstream media as corrupt, and is an outspoken critic of the corruption in global warming news reporting, just more to love about him in addition to his great cartoons.

Gary Varvel gives us the image of what one red-state Democrat is suffering at this time. I could spend a lot of words to write what clever Gary Varvel has shown us in this one terrific cartoon. I would feel sorry for Donnelly but he’s a Democrat so…

Dana Summers has a great take on what it was like at yesterday’s Congressional Hearing  to get any information from the corrupt scumbag Strzok.

Bruce Tinsley reminds us of what was said back then and how different it is from what is being said now. It doesn’t really matter what Obama said or says – his adoring fans in the media will swoon with delight anyway.

And last but far from least and probably my favorite cartoon today is this outstanding cartoon from Robert Arial. I am not often an Arial fan but I think this one is wonderful. Twice in a matter of days I have loved his cartoons. Which shows, I guess, that there are usually things we can agree on even if we don’t agree on others. I like the idea of that. It’s hopeful.

I wish you a happy and healthy day. Just don’t walk under any ladders.

And remember:

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