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🎡 Stayed Too Long At The Fair 🎢

March 19, 2018

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It looks like Hillary has finally worn out the patience of even many of her supporters. They know, even if she doesn’t, that she’s outstayed her welcome. Or as she should know, “don’t stay too long at the fair, quit when you’re ahead.

Related imageHillary has had a long and very good run. She was First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the USA, a Senator from New York, and Secretary of State. But the brass ring on the merry-go-round, being the first woman president, has eluded her. She is really miffed about that. Because she was entitled to it. At least in her mind.


She isn’t the first or last candidate to go down in defeat when they were convinced they would win. Rumor has it that Mitt Romney thought right up to the end that he would win.Image result for Hillary caricature images

However Hillary just cannot let go. Her bitterness and refusal to accept responsibility for her own loss has become pathetic. She’s become a caricature of herself. An angry, bitter caricature.

“When you become a caricature of yourself; you’re not really you anymore. You’ve morphed into a distillation of who you used to be. You’re a basic, oversimplified, and ugly version of yourself.”

Maybe I give her too much credit. Maybe this who she has always been. A bitter woman, humiliated on the world stage by her unfaithful husband. Did she think she must become the first woman president to make up for the ignominy of her position as the wife of a serial cheat? Did she need that brass ring to define her as more than Bill’s wife?

One can see where she would be outraged at having lost a presidential election, one the media assured everyone she would win, to a reality show host. So now she wanders the world blaming everyone for that loss.

The cartoonists are eating her up. Her whine tour makes their job so easy.

After her recent speech in India the great Michael Ramirez showed her thus:

The always clever Henry Payne portrayed her as Tonya Harding in the movie meant to rehabilitate the nasty Harding.

Glenn McCoy tackles her frequent falls including one that was filmed in India. The other fall wasn’t filmed and evidently resulted in a broken wrist. Fell in the bathtub is supposedly what happened. Falls and broken bones at her age are not funny. Trying to hide a real illness isn’t funny either.

Arthur “Chip” Bok is an American editorial cartoonist for the Akron Beacon Journal and the Tampa Bay Times. He has illustrated some of Dave Barry’s books, and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 1997. This funny cartoon shows why. And how clever to get the “bitter clinger” ala Obama in there.

Patriot Report gives us this sign of the times:

Michael Ramirez at his witty best. However don’t hold your breath until the Queen of Excuses takes responsibility for her loss.

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The always astute Nate Beeler shows Hillary in one of her recitals of excuses:

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Gary Varvel aims and hits the woman well-known for her mendacity.

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Gary Varvel also reminds us of one of the many missteps she made during her campaign. Think she might have lost a lot of votes with that bit of stupidity?

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Nate Beeler again. This time showing how out of touch Hillary is.

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Rick McKee about the Clinton Foundation albatross around her neck. There may still be a few people around who don’t think it’s corrupt and designed only to enrich the Clintons.

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Her book tour, better known as a book, cheese and whine tour didn’t go so well. Where as the book itself might not have been a very good idea at that point in time as Rick McKee shows how easy it is to make fun of her.

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Ken Catalino puts together just a few of Hillary lies that we know for sure about. There are undoubtedly many, many more.

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One of the most ridiculous things about the ever-present post election Hillary is when she says she takes full responsibility and then immediately says something that shows she does not. As shown here so cleverly by Tom Stiglich.

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Many of us have come to regard the Bill and Hill as drawn here by the always inventive Gary Varvel:

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But maybe that’s not true any more. Maybe she isn’t so much “untouchable” as unwanted. Perhaps that’s what she hates most of all. What do you think?

Have a great Monday and a great week. I intend to. I have blinders and ear plugs ready for the political punditry and social media malcontents. I am fighting back in my own small way.

Now I will do, what Hillary should do, and go away.

This is, as always, an open

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