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Give a Wave 👋 To The Wave 🌊

July 11, 2018


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Dems say they’re building a big blue wave for 2018

We’ve been hearing about the “Big Blue Wave” 🌊 that was coming to sweep the GOP out and the Dems into a majority. That was the talk even before Trump took the oath of office. Those that dreamed of impeaching him drooled at the very thought of the big blue wave. 🌊

Media stopped pretending to be unbiased during the Obama years and turned on a  dime from slobbering all over POTUS to attacking the new one for everything. The number of scoops of ice cream Trump got was “news”.  CNN was among those that found Trump’s ice cream scoops newsworthy as well as his liking for diet coke.

Most of the MSM was outraged about Trump. They  seemed to believe that since they didn’t like Trump and their friends didn’t like Trump that no one in their viewing or reading audience liked him either. The 56 million citizens that voted for Trump? Evidently they don’t count.

So outrageous is their outrage that it isn’t enough to hate him. Everyone in his family, everyone that works for him and the people that voted for him have been treated to such animus as isn’t often seen. Serial murderers, terrorists and gang members of MS-13 aren’t hated like Trump and company.

Media types had been so sure that if they gave all that free air time to Trump, and he was nominated, that their preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, would be elected.

Except their preferred candidate, whom even they don’t like, didn’t win. Trump was very grateful for all that free air time for his Candidacy. Grateful? Hell, he chortled with glee. They were humiliated.

Long before the air had gone out of the balloons at the Trump victory parties the Democrat Party, the Democrat Media, and some Trump haters on the right went into total toddler tantrum mode. Had I not witnessed the insanity since November 2016 I wouldn’t believe it.

They insisted that Trump was having nursing babies pulled from their mother’s breasts at the border. Children were being separated from their mothers. Children kept in cages and they proved it with pictures from when Obama was president. Mistakes like that don’t even slow down the Twitter mobs or Celebrity Pinheads. Facts get in the way of the narrative.

Instead of the hordes of invading illegals being the problem ICE became the new enemy. This would be the issue that finally destroyed Trump – they said.


Except a majority of Americans thought that if families were being separated, by law by the way, at the border it was the fault of the parents who brought them here illegally not the United States Government. Bummer!

No matter what party you belong to – crazy is not a good look. Stupid and clueless is an accepted normal for politicians and media.  Smart and informed is rare. An ignorant public doesn’t know what it doesn’t know and therefore doesn’t know what those telling them stuff doesn’t know. Crazy is however, for most, a bridge too far.

Some of the dimmer bulbs in the Democrat Party, Hello Maxine Waters 👋 decided that they should start screaming about impeachment about the time Donald Trump was taking the oath of office. I’ve been around for quite a few presidential elections and I don’t remember ever hearing impeachment talk before a new POTUS did anything.

Some of the smarter Dems, the more politically savvy, know that this kind of crazy is not good. Schumer and Pelosi tried to calm the rhetoric and Auntie Maxine attacked them. I do so enjoy such popcorn moments.Related image

Waters hasn’t stopped screaming yet although her shtick now seems to be to encourage lunatic lefties to attack and bully anyone that is connected to Trump in anyway. Including ordinary citizens who dare to wear a MAGA hat.

Image result for maga hat imagesTexas teen attacked for ‘wearing MAGA hat’; viral video leads to outrage online

A teenager in Texas was enjoying a meal with his friend at a restaurant when he was allegedly assaulted for wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

It is now quite common for Conservative women to be hounded in public. Didn’t the Dems once claim they were absolutely against bullying?

Just in case the impeachment fantasy madness wasn’t enough to convince the public that the Democrat Party was the party of lunatics the reaction to the retirement of Justice Kennedy and the choice of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace him has been grotesque.

Even before Trump’s choice was announced it was obvious that they were against whoever he chose. Some showed up outside the Supreme Court with 4 boxes of signs so they would have the right sign on hand. Another group posted their outrage but forgot to insert the name and thus were against XX.

Senator Blumenthal is only one of many nutters.

Democrat Senator Demands Supreme Court Nominee Recuse Himself If Confirmed

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) demanded on Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee commit to recusing himself on matters related to the president’s financial matters or the Russia investigation before any senator considers voting to confirm him to the Supreme Court.

Blumenthal’s comments came after Trump nominated D.C. Court of Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t my first choice. Nor my second. But I feel he is a decent choice. Especially since he is rumored to be brilliant.  The insane things that are being said about him are simply ludicrous.

And worst of all – it isn’t working.

POLL: Senate Democrat Hysterics Aren’t Moving Voters

Bad news for Senate Democrats, who need to hold onto all 10 of the seats they’re defending and pick up an additional two more in order to retake the upper chamber.

A new poll from Axios/SurveyMonkey of battleground states shows that it would be “nearly impossible for Democrats to take back the Senate.” The poll of 12,677 registered voters found that even under the rosiest of circumstances, Democrats might end up losing an additional seat to Republicans.

A year ago there was a good chance that the Dems might take back the House or the Senate and maybe both. A Blue Wave baby!

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Those numbers, the ones that showed the Dems up by double digits are not so good these days.

Two years of crazy, of “Fake News”, of media bias, and of Trump hate 24/7 has taken a toll and it’s not on the Republicans. Crazy may sell in with the left’s crazies but it isn’t selling well with normal folks.

It is common for the party in power to lose seats in the midterms. The Dems were predicting a Blue Wave.  It’s looking less like they will get what they expected and more like they will get what they deserve.

Have a great day and “wave” at the crazies but don’t get too close.  To be perfectly honest I’m not sure what the hell they’ll do next if they don’t get their way.


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