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🎳 Bowling Them Down

December 13, 2017


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Down they go – all the accused sexual criminals. Or at least those accused of being sexual predators.

I find myself in a curious place – wondering if some, perhaps even many, of the accused perpetrators aren’t  victims. Because if they aren’t we sure have a lot of perverts in this country. Not to mention that a pat on the wrong butt, perhaps on any butt is now called sexual assault. Just like rape.

Should an accusation lead to someone losing their job? Shouldn’t there be some proof? Just because someone says it doesn’t make it true. Does it?

What happened to due process and innocent until proven guilty? Does it take nothing more than an accusation to bowl a man over? To destroy his reputation and cause him to lose his job?

Related imageI’m not talking about serial predators who’s behavior was an open secret. I’m not talking about people like Harvey Weinstein or John Conyers. The behavior of those two was known for decades. Many people knew and people were silent.

Weinstein’s habits were such an open secret they were joked about on 30 Rock and at an Oscar press conference. How could Weinstein’s behavior, so well known in some circles, have been tolerated for so long?

The same for John Conyers. Cokie Roberts said on air that female newsies refrained from getting on a elevator with him lest they be groped. They just didn’t seem to think the rest of the female population had a right to know.

Related imageAll that is well and good and no one is happier than I am to see these scumbag perverts go down. But, and this is a big but, what about those who say no they didn’t do anything wrong? What about those who deny an accusation vehemently and there is no proof? Should they lose their job and be shamed on the world stage on the word of someone who may or may not be telling the truth? What about the gleeful accusers who seem not so much victimized as vindictive?

Personally I think there is something off about Judge Roy Moore. But I do not believe the well rehearsed, costumed and coiffed woman who contacted Gloria Allred. Allred taints the truth for me. I believe no one who is a client of hers.

Now he’s lost an important election and many are wondering if he was a pervert or if he was tried and convicted in the media.

 Ben Shapiro: 6 Big Lessons From Roy Moore’s Huge Alabama Disaster

In the aftermath of Roy Moore’s shocking defeat in the Alabama Senate race to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions, partisans on both sides are rushing to learn all the wrong lessons. There’s a lot to be said when one of the reddest states in America sends a pro-abortion Democrat to the Senate to caucus against President Trump, a man Alabamans voted for by 27% over Hillary Clinton. But it’s also easy to take too much from one data point.

It’s doubtful that Roy Moore would have lost an election in Alabama without these Related imageaccusations. And now Alabama, a very red state, has a pro-abortion, very pro-abortion Senator in Doug Jones.

Moore was bowled over by things he said and allegedly did 30 years ago. My question is, since leopards don’t change their spots, where are more recent accusations?

Betsy McCaughney has an important article out today:

  Betsy McCaughey: Sex Vigilantes Trash Due Process 

New York’s Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is spearheading a McCarthyite purge of sexual harassers from Congress, throwing the nation’s capital into turmoil. What counts as sexual harassment? Good question. Men accused of boorish gestures or vulgar remarks face the same disgrace as outright rapists. And never mind if the accusations lack proof and the accusers remain anonymous.

Related imageI have nothing but sympathy for every woman who has suffered from sexual assault. But for those who are using this witch-hunt to get attention, and there are many, I have nothing but contempt. Also for those who allow an accusation to be judge and jury. It’s against everything we stand for.

Take the anonymous former campaign worker who’s accusing Rep. Ruben Kihuen, D-Nev., of touching her thigh twice, making her feel uncomfortable. Kihuen denies it, but House minority leader Nancy Pelosi commends the woman for coming forward (anonymously?) and demands that he resign. ~ Betsy McCaughney

I applaud Betsy McCaughney for this honest and timely post. The feminist #Me-too crowd is flexing their muscles and getting the results they want. If a few lefty men go down –  well that’s fine with them – just replace them with lefty women. The rest of us know they may not grope but they certainly are no more honest or decent then the men.

I think Rep. Ruben Kihuen is being denied due process and the fact that he’s a Democrat not make me any the less outraged. If it’s not for all – then it’s meaningless.

Right now with the feminists women in charge any man is fair game. It’s no longer he-said/she-said, now she-said is enough.

New Yorker Drops Ryan Lizza Due to Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Lizza “dismayed” the publication described “a respectful relationship with a woman” he dated “as inappropriate.”

Given how much I despise Ryan Lizza I should be dancing with joy. I’m not. It seems to me that he is genuinely puzzled by this accusation. It seems to me that the New Yorker, in an excess of outraged feminism terminated him unfairly. You have no idea how much it pains me to defend Ryan Lizza.

Related imageIt seems to me, and this is nothing more than my own opinion, that there is a witch hunt going on here and the witches are doing the hunting. Once again, I am in complete and total sympathy with every woman who has suffered sexual assault. However I do not think that one pat on the butt or off color joke or someone squeezing you waist when a picture is being take is sexual assault. I just don’t.

It seems to me that some women, perhaps a lot of women are either doing paybacks for real or imagined offenses and others are simply jumping on the #MeToo band wagon for attention.

I don’t know where all of this will end.   Let us never forget that when you refuse due process to someone you are making it more possible that someday it will be refused to you.

Meanwhile a lot of women are having a very good time knocking the men down. The guilty and the innocent. That’s fine in bowling – not so good with human beings.

Sorry if I’m being soap-boxy – this bothers me. A lot.

Hope you have a great day and don’t let the liars and fools get you down.

This is, as always, an