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Prioritizing Faith And Revival, And Major Decisions *Weekend Open Thread*

September 24, 2022

UPDATED: I just realized that somehow, the beginning part of my post magically disappeared. WordPress. UGH.

I did actually have some introductory comments to this post as I always do, but Heaven only knows exactly what it was, but suffice it to say, it was about this absolutely righteous monologue by Pete Hegseth when he hosted Jesse Watters’ show last Saturday night. Hegseth called for revival and a return to our Christian values. And he was absolutely spot on, in my opinion.

Here is Hegseth’s monologue (h/t American Wire):

Dang, am I right?? Hegseth minces no words in calling out the ways in which we h ave allowed our culture to be co-opted by nefarious actors and those who deride religion, especially Christianity.

Here is some of what he said, from American WireNews:

“Along the way, previous generations passed along all of the wants of the world and not enough of the needs,” he said. “They took for granted the main ingredient that underwrites all of those worldly advancements, and that’s faith.”

“Faith in something greater than ourselves,” he explained. “The belief that God is the architect of our good fortune and the bedrock of our blessings. Nothing else matters or even makes sense without a sincere reckoning with our Creator. It’s the single most important thing I can teach my kids and you, yours.”

“Somewhere along the line, we stop prioritizing Christianity in our homes and within our families,” he continued. “We took it for granted… assuming that the faith of our forefathers would just self-perpetuate. So Christian schools shrunk, church attendance plummeted, prayer — outright banned in public life.”

“Christians allowed this to happen,” he stated. “In exchange for convenient and godless public schools; vapid and decadent entertainment; and endless rabbit holes of social media. Instead of raising our kids to be Christians, learning and living according to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, we outsourced our values to an increasingly Godless culture, schools, and media.” 

That’s exactly right. We have abdicated our values to those who, it has turned out, have quite different ones from the majority of Americans. Rather than teaching academic subjects along with respect for the Flag, Anthem, and Pledge of Allegiance, we somehow got a bunch of Marxist-wanna-bes who think whatever crazy thing some kid thinks they are in their head is real. WOW.

Hegseth goes on:

“When we failed to pass these timeless truths, based in human nature to the next generation, as this poll is revealing to us, we create future is citizens who think government should be all powerful because government can create utopia on earth,” Hegseth argued. “Kids think man is perfectible if only government did more, redistributed more, controlled more, equalized more.” 

“Then we start to fall for schemes,” he continued. “Like there are 100 genders, not two. Let’s do racism in the name of anti-racism. Imperfect founding fathers must be canceled, not studied. 1776 is outdated and racist. 1619 is our real founding. The Bible? Old, outdated and regressive. Not the inspired word of God.”

“Instead, we try to play God,” he argued. “And our search for heaven on earth unleashes human hell. It’s all a lie. The big lie, you might say. But the secular left tells us it’s science, their truth, or social justice. They say it’s progressive. Instead, they are pulling us away from timeless truths, down an endless rabbit hole of regressiveness.”


“It’s on you,” he said. “It’s on me. It’s on parents and grandparents in large ways and small to fight for a Godly if imperfect nation. Church pews. Dinner tables, nightly prayers, guarded hearts, faith-filled schools.”

“Pray for revival,” he urged viewers. “We need it more than ever.” […] (Click here to read the rest.)

This was a powerful testimony from Pete Hegseth, and one we would do well to heed. We have strayed far afield from the intentions and provisions of our Founders, from the biblical basis on which they framed our nation. We have allowed atheism to become the de facto religion of the United States, thus violating the First Amendment. We have permitted a small, but significant change, from freedom OF religion to freedom FROM religion. And we have allowed behaviors and ideologies to permeate every aspect of our country with far too little outcry until just recently. I know all things are possible with God, and I pray it is not to late for our country.

The recent decision by the Supreme Court regarding Roe v. Wade is certainly a move in the right direction, to move toward Life and away from this Death Cult that seems so prevalent on the Left in which many want to kill full term, or even delivered babies. It is impossible for me to wrap my head around how anyone in this day and age can think that’s acceptable. But that’s me.

But along those lines, a recent movie based on a true story, “Lifemark,” by Kirk Cameron and the Kendrick Brothers, is seeing a revival in all kinds of ways. Poignantly, and in line with what Pete Hegseth said needed to happen, people are coming to Jesus at movie theaters after the movie concludes. Alex Hendricks spoke with Billy Hallowell of CBN about the movie, about faith, and about these amazing results recently, via Faithwire:

So powerful. I had tears in my eyes after watching this interview (and full disclosure: I am a huge Alex Kendricks fan. His movie, “War Room,” is one of my favorites.). This part in particular was so powerful, and such a blessing that this is a Fathom Event in which this kind of thing could happen:

Cameron and the Kendricks specifically added 10 minutes of additional content to the end of the movie aimed at helping people truly understand God’s heart and love for His creation.

“We walk through the biblical basis of life and God knowing us even in the womb,” Kendrick said. “And then we walk through a Gospel presentation at the end.”

He shared just one of the stories his team has heard since the release of “Lifemark.”

“We’re hearing wonderful testimonies of people saying, ‘Our church group was sitting in the theater, and we saw a woman sitting off to the side crying at the end of the movie. We … went over, started a conversation. She shared her story with us. We were able to minister to her, pray for her, talk about salvation with her,’” Kendrick shared. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

What a blessing that is. And so needed in these contentious, mind boggling times of what seems to be sheer, certifiable, insanity going on in our country. It gives me hope. It is a glimmer of light that we can reclaim our country, God willing and with God’s help.

I think this Reba McEntire song says it all:

Feel free to discuss whatever is on your minds, friends.

This is the Weekend Open Thread.