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Naughty And Joyful *Weekend Open Thread*

September 30, 2017

Okay, let me say right off the bat, this has NOTHING to do with Hugh Hefner or anything else the least bit salacious. That would be QUITE the departure for me but I realize the title might be a tad misleading if you didn’t know me.

But before I get to the Naughty part, I have to share something else. This is nothing short of a miracle. That is the return of Rep. Steve Scalise to the House floor after surviving an assassination attempt. He was not expected to live, much less return to work after 3 1/2 months. You may have already seen this either on the news or in the Comments section thanks to Marge. But I think it is well worth seeing it again, in its entirety. It is powerful, and emotional. Here is Rep. Scalise’s return:

I don’t often agree with Rep. Pelosi, but I wholeheartedly do this time when she said, “Thank God…” Thank God indeed. This man is living proof of prayers answered. What a blessing. Welcome back to the People’s House, Rep. Scalise!

Now for the Naughty. Get your minds out of the gutter since I am talking about Naughty…CATS. We’ve all seen those funny posts with photos of cats (or dogs) with the signs around their necks of things they have done wrong. And they are funny. This one is no exception as this post in InspireMore highlights (h/t Lauren). The first one absolutely cracked me up:

Oh, my – yes, that would certainly garner a sign of shame, hitting a service dog. Bad kitty!

And then there is this curious little kitty:

Oh, dear. This is why when people give me candles, I thank them, and put the candles in a drawer or give them away. I have four cats, after all…

And this is what our cat, Bou, does, only earlier:

Uh, yeah. Bou sings “the song of his people” daily. Or should I say nightly.

Thank heavens, none of them do this – yet:

Ouch. Yeah, that definitely qualifies as “naughty.”

Last but not least, there is this:

Yikes. I am sure the IRS was VERY understanding about this and cut a new check right away  – not!

I hope these brought a smile to your face. There are more, and you can see them HERE.

But if those don’t make you laugh or smile, maybe the video below will do it. Not to offend anyone or anything, but if it doesn’t, I’m not sure I want to know you! Just kidding (kind of).

Check this out:

How unbelievably adorable is this baby elephant?! Pushing herself off in a muddy area so she could side down the hill – hilarious!!

And if that amount of cuteness isn’t enough for you, allow me to present the first Budweiser Clydesdale foal of Fall, Rave. From IHeartHorses:

Image may contain: horse, outdoor and nature

(Click here to read the rest.)

Rave is just too cute for words. Going to Warm Springs Ranch is definitely a bucket location to go. So many Clydesdales in one place – talk about Heaven on Earth!

Okay, folks, that’s it for me.  I can do only so much one-handed as I continue to recover from shoulder surgery after all. Again, my deepest thanks to my dear friend, KenoshaMarge, for keeping things humming along here. Thank you!

There is lots going on now, and you can feel free to discuss the issues of the day, or stick with lighter Weekend fare. This is, after all, the Weekend Open Thread. Have a great weekend, friends!