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“When A Window Of Opportunity Opens Up, Take It” *Weekend Open Thread*

October 20, 2018

Here we are, just a couple of weeks to the Mid-Term elections, and there is a ton of political posturing going on. No doubt, wherever it is you live, you are seeing a gazillion ads by political contenders. It is exhausting, isn’t it?

One big event from this past week that surely has helped Republicans was the pronouncement by US Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) who was lauding her infinitesimal amount of Native blood. Yes, she had an entire video out about it, including a staged event of her receiving the call from the Stanford Professor who coordinated her DNA test. You would be forgiven if you thought this was from “The Onion” or some other satire site (you can watch it here, if you wish). Needless to say, there was much ado about nothing, since despite the media and Warren’s best efforts, people saw through this lame attempt to claim indigenous status. Suffice it to say, most Americans have more than she does. Uh, yeah.

Image may contain: textAnother claim that has gone by the wayside is Stormy Daniels’ claim of Trump defaming her by claiming she lied. Yep, a judge dropkicked this claim, handing a defeat to her and her fame-seeking attorney, Michael Avenatti. And it handed a big ol’ win to Trump.

So, yeah – a lot is going on in the run up to the Mid-terms, but it seems to be helping the Republicans a whole lot more than the Democrats. Hopefully, the Republicans will seize on these opportunities and make hay while the sun shines. (H/t Facebook friend for the image on the left.)

And while that would be great in my opinion since it seems the Democrats are hellbent on moving toward Socialism, that is not what inspired the title of this post. Rather, it was an incredibly moving story from Inspire More that literally had me in tears. I suggest you get a handkerchief or Kleenex before reading this beautiful story of ambulance drivers in Australia. They showed extraordinary compassion, kindness, and love toward a patient they were transporting. Here’s the story:

As an elderly woman lay on a stretcher en route to a palliative care facility, she asked the paramedics for one last favor. She knew she was dying, and she simply wanted to look out upon the tumbling waves of the ocean one last time.

Queensland Ambulance Service personnel are used to requests like this one, and they quickly called their supervisor for permission to stray from their intended course for a few brief, shimmering moments in the sun. The ambulance crew then pulled off at Hervey Beach in Queensland, Australia, where they unloaded the patient’s stretcher and brought her as close to the water as they could.

“In special cases where end of life stuff is going on … the contact we have is our last contact … (we want to) feel good about humans and people and the way they’re treated and managed so they get a good feeling,” he said, adding “It’s always someone else’s father, mother, brother. If I lose my compassion I just won’t be in the job.”

“We’re very fortunate we’re in the role we do,” Cooper said. “If you’re sensitive to your surroundings … when a window of opportunity opens up, take it.” […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Dang it – even while copying the above, it made me cry again. What beautiful people these EMTs are for giving this woman such a tremendous gift before she went Home. To allow her to smell the salt air, listen to the ocean, taste the salty sea, one last time in her life, was a gift beyond measure. No doubt they gave  her great joy and peace before she passed on. How tremendously loving of them. Good on them for being so generous of heart and spirit.

What great words to live by – when we are given the opportunity to do some good for someone, take it.

And that is precisely the experiment the pastor of a megachurch set out to test. When members of his congregation were given the window of opportunity to do some good, to reach out to someone in need, would they take it, or would they pass it by? Faithwire has the story:

“The closer a person is to us and the less common the struggle, the easier it is to love,” the pastor explained in the video. “[H]ow common is homelessness? How frequently is the homeless person someone dear to us personally? Never.”

Moments later, the undercover MacDonald is seen walking into the church sanctuary, pushing his shopping cart in front of him. When he reaches the pulpit, MacDonald removes the fake, raggedy beard and oversized coat, revealing his true identity.

“Do you know that your father in Heaven is giving the same graces to the person that is hardest for you to love? He is giving it. He doesn’t play favorites. He is giving the grace to everyone,” he said. “If we are going to love like our father in Heaven loves, we don’t get to play favorites. By favorites, I mean, so often we love the people when there is some benefit in it for us.” (Click here to read the rest.)

I admit, I was not sure how the members of the pastor’s church were going to respond. But when I watched their reaction, from adults down to little kids, I was in tears. The reaction to their pastor-masquerading-as-homeless-man perfectly reflects the parable from Matt. 25:40:

And the King shall answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me. (AKJV)

They saw that window of opportunity, and they took it. And did they ever…

Honestly, it doesn’t take a whole lot to do right by others, to show love, compassion, consideration, kindness to another person, and/or share a prayer with someone. It doesn’t cost a thing to do the right thing when the opportunity presents itself, and chances are very good that you will get more back from the doing than what it took to do something kind. All you have to do is take that opportunity.

That’s it for me. I hope you all have a great weekend. Feel free to discuss whatever you want. This is your Weekend Open Thread.