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“Crazy Bernie,” Looking At Lynch, And “Fast And Furious” Update *Open Thread*

June 27, 2017

Seems there are some investigations going on that you would be hard pressed to hear about if you pay attention to the MSM. Fortunately, I don’t pay much attention to them and look elsewhere for actual news.

bernie-sanders-and-wife-investigated-by-fbi-for-bank-fraudAllow me to share two investigations that are major news, beginning with Sen. Bernie Sanders. Now, you may know that Bernie’s wife, Jane Sanders, is under investigation for bank fraud after running Burlington College, of which she was President, into the ground. But what you may NOT know is that Bernie Sanders himself is ALSO under investigation. From Politico (h/t The Right Scoop):

Bernie Sanders was in the midst of an interview with a local TV reporter early last month when the senator fielded an unexpected question about an uncomfortable matter.

“There’s an implication, and from at least one individual, an explicit argument that when they called for an investigation into Burlington College that you used your influence to secure a loan from People’s United—”

Sanders is used to fielding softball questions from an adoring local press, but his inquisitor, Kyle Midura of Burlington TV station WCAX, had a rare opportunity to put him on the spot. Investigative reporters had been breaking stories about a federal investigation into allegations that the senator’s wife, Jane Sanders, had committed fraud in obtaining bank loans for the now defunct Burlington College, and that Sanders’s Senate office had weighed in.

Sanders had never responded to questions about the case, but he took the bait this time. Briefly.

“Well, as you know,” he said, “it would be improp— this implication came from Donald Trump’s campaign manager in Vermont. Let me leave it at that, because it would be improper at this point for me to say anything more.” […] (Click here to read the rest.)


Oh, right – it is all Trump’s fault. Gotcha.

That does not negate the fact that Sanders is, in fact, under investigation, whether the news was mentioned by a Trump person or not. Nice attempt at a smokescreen there, Bernie. But some of us are smart enough to not fall for it.

Unlike Chuck Todd, for instance, who had Bernie Sanders on his show Sunday and asked him not one question about the investigation into his conduct and his wife’s. Heckuva job there, Todd. Yeah, you’re a great “referee” of political news. Not.

And speaking of investigations former DOJ Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is also under investigation. From Fox News Insider:

The Senate Judiciary Committee has opened an inquiry into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch over allegations that she interfered in the Hillary Clinton email probe.

Fired FBI Director James Comey recently testified that Lynch sought to downplay the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server by asking him to refer to it as a “matter,” not an investigation. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

That sets the stage, and National Review has more:

[…] Readers are unlikely to know that the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn is not just any United States attorney’s office. It is the office that was headed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch until President Obama elevated her to attorney general less than two years ago.

It was in the EDNY that Ms. Lynch first came to national prominence in 1999, when she was appointed U.S. attorney by President Bill Clinton — the husband of the main subject of the FBI’s investigations with whom Lynch furtively met in the back of a plane parked on an Arizona tarmac days before the announcement that Mrs. Clinton would not be indicted. Obama reappointed Lynch as the EDNY’s U.S. attorney in 2010. She was thus in charge of staffing that office for nearly six years before coming to Main Justice in Washington. That means the EDNY is full of attorneys Lynch hired and supervised.

There is so much more to this story, including these critical aspects:


Recall, moreover, that it was Lynch’s Justice Department that:

refused to authorize use of the grand jury to further the Clinton e-mails investigation, thus depriving the FBI of the power to compel testimony and the production of evidence by subpoena;

consulted closely with defense attorneys representing subjects of the investigation; permitted Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson — the subordinates deputized by Mrs. Clinton to sort through her e-mails and destroy thousands of them — to represent Clinton as attorneys, despite the fact that they were subjects of the same investigation and had been granted immunity from prosecution (to say nothing of the ethical and legal prohibitions against such an arrangement);

drastically restricted the FBI’s questioning of Mills and other subjects of the investigation;

and struck the outrageous deals that gave Mills and Samuelson immunity from prosecution in exchange for providing the FBI with the laptops on which they reviewed Clinton’s four years of e-mails. That arrangement was outrageous for three reasons: 1) Mills and Samuelson should have been compelled to produce the computers by grand-jury subpoena with no immunity agreement; 2) Lynch’s Justice Department drastically restricted the FBI’s authority to examine the computers; and 3) Lynch’s Justice Department agreed that the FBI would destroy the computers following its very limited examination. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Astonishing, isn’t it? But get this – as Fox News pointed out this morning, if you watch CBS or NBC News, you would know absolutely zero about Lynch’s investigation. And if you watch ABC News, you would have to have been quick to catch the 31 SECONDS they devoted to this. Pathetic. Just pathetic.

Make no mistake – this is huge. And it will be interesting to see if the FBI does its job or plays politics with this (a la the Rep. Steve Scalise shooting).  Let’s hope for the former.

Finally, I want to share an update Sharyl Attkisson had on her news show, “Full Measure,” this past Sunday on “Fast and Furious.” As you may recall, Attkisson was the one who broke this story and has continued to follow it ever since (and I have written about this issue numerous times).  As you watch this, remember that Lynch’s predecessor, Eric Holder, is considering a 2020 Presidential run:

There you have it. While Manning, a true traitor, and Snowden get all sorts of accolades, a true patriot lie John Dodson gets the shaft. There is something seriously wrong with that picture.

Can you just imagine a President Holder considering of what he is capable? Never even mind all of the race issues Holder blew up in this country. He literally armed Mexican cartels who have used those guns to kill on both sides of the border, including federal agents. Heaven forfend he ever ascend to the Oval Office. I shudder at the thought.

That’s it for me. Thoughts? Quips? Comments? Let’s hear them. This is an Open Thread.