Old Age Catching Up? *Weekend Open Thread*

Perhaps that will be the latest claim for why the State Department secreted some files on Benghazi out of the office despite an active subpoena. They forgot, or they didn’t know they even did it, or some other justification.

I know this isn’t my usual Weekend fare, but this story is just too important to let it get lost. And while Clinton was already out of office by the time these shenanigans occurred, they most definitely relate to her time in office. Well, maybe this isn’t about age, but it sure as hell is a recurring theme that is just getting old.

Intrepid journalist Sharyl Atkisson has the story and an intriguing history lesson (reminder), too:

Beyond the issue of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for public business, including some classified materials; and beyond the fact that some of the documents continue to be improperly withheld from Freedom of Information requests after years, many more questions have arisen. One of them surrounds the State Department’s removal of Benghazi-related files from the secretary of state’s office a year ago, even though they were under Congressional subpoena.

It goes without saying that subpoenaed records are not to be removed or withheld. But in case there was any alleged confusion, the Benghazi Committee says it was explicit in its instructions: “The requests included standard language that “Subpoenaed records, documents, data or information should not be destroyed, modified, removed, transferred or otherwise made inaccessible to the Committee.’”

In a court filing in January, the State Department disclosed that staffers had rediscovered the documents. That much likely wouldn’t be known if it weren’t for a lawsuit filed in 2014 by the conservative watchdog Judicial Watch.

Thank heavens for Judicial Watch. Honestly, without them, we wouldn’t know most of the things we know. Wow.

But of course, this kind of “rediscovery” is not new when it comes to the Clintons. Yep, it is mighty old indeed:

[…] In 1996, after nearly two years of searches and subpoenas, the White House reported it found copies of missing documents from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s law firm that described her work for the Whitewater-related Madison S&L in the 1980s. The White House previously said it did not have the records. The originals have not turned up.

In 1993, the White House released an official statement incorrectly saying that no suicide note from Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster had been found after his death. It turns out a note had been found. And more than 24 hours after its discovery, White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum turned a note over to Attorney General Janet Reno.


And let’s not forget that in 2014, former Clinton Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell said he witnessed a Benghazi document-sorting session in October 2012 in the State Department basement. He said then-Secretary of State Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, and her deputy, Jake Sullivan, were present. No law enforcement body or Inspector General has interviewed Maxwell. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

There are more examples just like this about the Clintons and their MO. I gotta say, it is old indeed. So it is really no surprise that the same thing has happened in a critical case which is still under investigation.

I suppose what IS a surprise is that this news is coming out now while the campaign is still ongoing. Then again, the times I have seen it mentioned on the news thus far has been only in passing. I know – I’m shocked, too. In any event, it is surely an issue to bear in mind, and Attkisson will surely stay on this. I hope, anyway.

As for the old age thing, maybe it is on my mind because I have a birthday coming up (I am a Taurus through and through – I am sure that is a surprise to you all – ahaha). Add to that continuing health issues for me, including the definitive diagnosis that I need major back surgery that will have me out of commission for a good long while.

So, yeah, getting older is on my mind as it might be for some others of you out there. But hey – there is nothing to be done for it. If you and I are lucky, we will all get older, and live good long lives on this earth. If such blessings come, I hope I can have as good a sense of humor as this incredible woman has (you may have seen it before, but it is so worth watching again, in my opinion). And hey, it’s also a prayer, so bonus!  Here it is:


Don’t you just love her? What a hoot she is. “Old age is not for sissies,” as the saying goes, a fact that many of us know all too well. But to be able to meet it head on, with a sense of humor, is truly the way to go, dontcha think?

And since this is the theme of the weekend, how about another humorous view on getting older? Consider it done, this time from British comedian, Dave Allen:


Ahahaha – funny, right? I loved the one about young people saying they’d kill themselves if they had to rely on someone to do everything for them when they get old, and his quip, “They know they wanted to kill someone but they can’t remember who…” (Or words to that effect.)  Just cracked me up.

And really, after the week of all kinds of political machinations, crazy things said by people who want to run our country, and losing yet another musical icon too young, I think a good laugh is just what we need. Hey, it’s good for our health, right?

For this Weekend Thread, I invite you to share whatever jokes or comedians you may enjoy, if you wish, or whatever else is on your minds. Have a great weekend, friends!


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