Monkey Business 🐒

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 “Monkey business” 🐒

  1. frivolous or mischievous behavior.
  2. improper or underhanded conduct; trickery.

Either or both definitions of monkey business are the kind of nonsense I want to discuss today.

The media, who’s job it is to inform us should not engage in monkey business. That should go without saying. Yet the media is the worst offender when it comes to monkey business. Politicians also engage in a great deal of monkey business but for the most part we Laughing Monkey animated emoticonexpect that from them.

We also see a lot of monkey business from citizens so convinced they are right that they’re willing to denigrate, insult and attack anyone who doesn’t agree with their POV. That includes Friends, relatives, neighbors and strangers encountered on-line.

When I first observed this behavior I had difficulty believing that people were actually that nasty. Monkey Shaking Head animated emoticonThe fact that they are able to keep at it day after day tells me of a sickness in the soul that I find alarming. I once thought we were basically, at heart, a good people.

Given an outlet to spew the anger and ugly inside a great many people show a level of anger and hate hard to comprehend. Day after day. Such animus for your fellow man must in time erode your own humanity.

I call it monkey business because it is silly for the most part. Silly and ignorant. What benefit does someone get from acting like a 2 year old on-line?  Others behave like adolescents with all the tact and control of that unhappy and hormonal activated thinking.

They’ve become little poo throwers with a grudge against anyone or anything that says them nay. Most are not worth our time or energy. Except they are everywhere and the media gives them all the attention their ugly little hearts desire.

It’s hard enough to accept that ordinary citizens can act so foolishly and with so little knowledge of what they speak about but when it’s a member of the media it leaves me shaking my head. Says No This Cute Monkey animated emoticon

We’ve learned and seen over the years that some very silly and ignorant people have their own television shows on cable “news”. Most of cable “news” is in reality simply opinion programing. If you accept it as that it doesn’t seem so bad. Except that many/most people accept them as straight up news.

People like the ignorant, hyperbolic moron, Chris Matthews. Matthews has been around spewing his nonsense for a long time.

Image result for monkey cartoon imagesOn June 8 Chris Matthews left MSNBC viewers scratching their heads bizarrely claiming that non-urban areas –such as Colorado and Wyoming- weren’t reading enough Russia-Trump conspiracy stories because they lack “serious newspapers” that continue the never-ending witch hunt.

Evidently citizens of Colorado and Wyoming don’t have television, access to big city newspapers or the internet. Instead of monkey see- monkey do, perhaps idiots like Matthews should be monkey STHU. 🙊 But we know he won’t.

Ben Shapiro has a way with flattening imbeciles engaged in monkey business.

Image result for girl monkey cartoon images  ‘Oh, The Levels Of Stupid’: Ben Shapiro Torches MSNBC Host Over Remarks About Conservative Legal Views 

MSNBC host Katy Tur asked if a conservative legal philosophy was appropriate in 2018, given that the nation—in her view—has become more progressive. It’s “not 1776,” she added.

Shame on her bosses for choosing to inflict this moron on their viewers. What amazes me is that they still have any. Which again speaks to ideology over intellect.

Kurt Schlichter points out what both the left and the right see plainly – or at least the brighter ones do.

Image result for monkey cartoon imagesKurt Schlichter: It’s Undeniable: Trump Is Blessed With Really Stupid Enemies

Donald Trump goes to Europe, scandalizes the Euroweenies, libs, and cruise-shilling grifters of Never Trump, and comes back victorious. He’s about to get his second SCOTUS justice confirmed – all they have on Brett Kavanaugh is that he likes beer and is named “Brett.”

In Congress, the Democrats decided to go all in on abolishing ICE because Americans love open borders and welcome MS-13 or something.

In the Mueller farce, the Dems decided that the smart play was to publicly run interference for creepy weirdo Peter Strzok when he went on national TV doing his impression of Lotion Boy from Silence of the Lambs.

Meanwhile politicians and really stupid voters have allowed the left to turn one of the most beautiful cities in our country into a literal sh*thole. The kind of place we once associated with 3rd world countries is now a stench on our west coast.

The Left-wing Paradise of San Francisco

Represented in Congress by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and run for years by almost all Democrats, San Francisco should be a mecca for the left. But the city is fast becoming one of the worst places in the U.S. to live.

The homeless problem is out of control. Experts say it “could exceed some of the dirtiest slums in the world.” There are around 7,500 homeless people in the city. Human feces is strewn across public areas. The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit examined over 150 blocks of downtown San Francisco and found 96 blocks littered with feces. San Francisco’s new mayor, London Breed, observed, “there are more feces on the sidewalks than I’ve ever seen growing up here.” She says that a cleaning crew will clean up an area, but “right after they leave, maybe an hour or two later, the place is filled with trash again.”

No matter how much dishonest monkey business the left and their mouthpieces in the Image result for monkey cartoon imagesmedia spew it is not possible to blame this mess on the Republicans. They will try and some of those on the left with the intellect of dry toast crumbs will go along because that’s what they do. Monkey hear and monkey spew.

For older people like me it is almost impossible to believe that the Mayor of a major city is talking about feces on the streets of their city. What kind of leadership allowed this to happen?

What kind of a country has a porn star as a media star? What kind of a political party is so obsessed with abortion that they would be better named the Abortocrats? Why would blacks support a party that has encouraged the killing of millions of their pre-born children? Planned Parenthood kills more black babies in one week than the KKK killed in 100 years. Think about that.

The amount of monkey business in our culture these days is enough to make you give up on the human race. I keep telling myself that the people that disgust me so much are few in number but very vocal and supported by a corrupt and biased media.

I am an optimist by nature and a cynic by observation. What I am observing makes it difficult for my optimistic side to remain optimistic.

But today is another day and this is a brand new week. Perhaps the monkeys will go back to the zoo and stop running for office and writing columns and having “news” shows on television.

I wish you well. I wish you hope. I wish you clouds with silver linings.


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