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If there is one thing in this world you can depend on it is that no matter what happens the finger pointing will begin before the event is over.

Playing the “blame game” is now a part of our culture. The best part of this game is that there are no rules. No truth. No bothering with facts. No waiting to find out what actually happened. Blame game only requires a lack of character and integrity.

For instance…

The world has had to contend with the truculence and crazy of North Korea since the end of the Korean War.

The fighting ended on 27 July 1953, when an armistice was signed. The agreement created the Korean Demilitarized Zone to separate North and South Korea, and allowed the return of prisoners. However, no peace treaty has been signed, and the two Koreas are technically still at war.

So for 64 years this has been allowed to fester. One crazy leader after another rises in North Korea and threatens the world with his madness. That doesn’t even address what they’ve done to their own people. And relatives.

Now, after being in office for less than a year, the whole mess is now Trump’s fault. Why? Because he’s supposedly as crazy as Kim Jong-un. At least the media hints at it, when they don’t say it right out and the left is outraged that he isn’t using the same kind of diplomacy that has failed so well for so long.

I have said, often, that some of the things Trump says are nuts. And therefore his being nuts is a distinct possibility. But crazy like Kim Jong-un? Are you serious?

One lunatic actually suggested that of the two Kim Jong Wackadoodle was a better leader. That particular lunatic was Minnesota’s own  Representative Keith Ellison who along with their two Senators, Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar makes this resident of Wisconsin glad I live in the SE corner of my state not on the western border where I would be close to people crazy enough to vote for this trio of liars, scoundrels and fools.

 North Korea Backs Off Guam Missile-Attack Threat 

Did Kim Jong-un back off because of Trump’s tough talk? Who knows that motivates this lunatic. One thing is plain, all the years of diplomacy led to this. Perhaps some tough talk is what was needed. Pussy footing around with a bully and a thug is not the answer.

Okay, where else has the lefty media and the rest of the left, along with the #NeverTrump people assigned blame?

Oh right, Charlottesville…

Charlottesville is a city in Virginia. It’s home to the University of Virginia, with its core campus designed by Thomas Jefferson. On the outskirts, Jefferson’s mountain-top plantation, Monticello, includes a mansion and rebuilt slave quarters. Highland, President James Monroe’s home, retains many original furnishings. The city is a gateway to Shenandoah National Park, along a section of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Except that now Charlottesville is known for a hideous terrorist attack by a lunatic in a truck that killed one woman and injured dozens of other people. Who is to blame for this? Come on, you know…

We know that those three purveyors of truth, cough, cough, Bernie Sanders, Jim Acosta and Maxine Waters all say the violence was Trump’s fault. So it must be.

What I find absolutely astounding that anyone pays any attention at all to this trio of blockheads. I guess it proves that people will believe anyone that is saying what they want to hear.

Assigning blame, without knowing the facts has become a national sport. It may seem harmless as most people with functioning brains pay no attention to the idiots that start screaming before the dead and injured have hit the ground. Some blamed gun violence for the Charlottesville terror. That in spite of the fact the murder weapon was a motor vehicle.

One thing I did learn from the media coverage of the Charlottesville horror – the media is perfectly willing to assign blame when they can blame the right. And if some right wing lunatics do something wrong then everyone on the right is to blame. Unlike when Antifa and BLM set fires and riot.

I can see no reason to pay any attention to the cretins in the Black Lives Matter crowd since even their movement was founded on a lie. They were founded on the “Hands Up-Don’t Shoot” lie and therefore I have no use or respect for them. Given their rhetoric and behavior since their founding they deserve no respect.

While the left is engaged in running around tearing down statues of dead men what exactly is it they hope to accomplish? Assigning blame to white people? Okay, but never forget to mention that before and during the civil war blacks owned other blacks as slaves. Don’t forget to mention that the people that fought for slavery from the time of the Civil War to the civil rights movement were Democrats.

Many of the ignorant people insisting on tearing down our history don’t know and will not learn from the media, is that the party they vote for, the party they espouse was the party of slavery. Knocking down and destroying statues of dead white men won’t change that fact no matter how many times you assign guilt to their great-great-great-great, oh hell many times great-grandchildren who are probably now Republicans.

While the idiots are busy assigning blame, whether deserved or not, people have been harmed by it. Like the man, the innocent man, in the story below:

 Leftists Make Life Hell For Man They Misidentify As White Supremacist 

Leftists on social media sites, viewing pictures of the white supremacist rally on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, decided they would target one participant and make his life a living hell.

They got the wrong man.

Kyle Quinn, who supervises a laboratory dedicated to wound-healing research at the Engineering Research Center at the University of Arkansas, discovered on Saturday that leftists had misidentified him as one of the white supremacists at the rally 1,000 miles away from where he lived.

One man rallying with the white supremacists had been photographed wearing an “Arkansas Engineering” shirt; leftists found a photograph of Quinn that bore a facial resemblance to the rallygoer, and then they went to work.

Get that? You can now be vilified because you bear a “facial resemblance” to someone else. Even after it was proved that the man in question wasn’t who they thought he was some of these cretins continued to attack him.

Assigning blame is fine when you have all the facts and you know who is to blame for something. Otherwise it’s just more blather and hateful and dangerous blather at that.

So let us be the smart ones, the people of integrity who wait for proof before pointing fingers. And if we don’t it’s all your fault. Just kidding.

Happy Wednesday!


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