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Chickens, as a species, became chickens through a long, slow process of evolution. At some point, a chicken-like bird produced an offspring that, due to some mutation in its DNA, crossed the threshold from mere chicken likeness into chicken actuality. That is to say, a proto-chicken gave birth to a real-life official chicken. And since that real-life official chicken came out of its own egg, we can say that the egg came first.

So now that that important question is answered – which came first the POS or the politician? Which came first the greed or the loss of integrity? Which came first the loss of decency or the the grasp for power?

Through observation we  see people who seemed to be decent human beings get elected, go off to Washington D.C. and emerge as total scumbags. Were they always scumbags and we didn’t see it? Was their morality and honesty only skin deep and easily perverted? Did some tire of fighting the system and dive into the cesspool?

I cannot know who became what and when – all I see is that politics seems to dirty everything it touches.

It is for that reason that many Americans, as well as citizens of other nations, keep their distance from politics. They don’t vote because they say that it makes no difference – one elected bunch of liars and thieves only takes the place of the departing liars and thieves.

Take Hillary Clinton, please!


This woman is the best argument I can think of for those who believe that somehow having women in politics will cleanse the system.  That doesn’t excuse trying to shut them out of the system but it does counter the argument they will make a difference in the degree of corruption.

Hillary Clinton has continued guesting on late-night talk shows complaining about how she lost the presidential election last year. Americans should work out a deal. The North can have Hillary and the South can have the statues, and this way everyone has a Lost Cause they can celebrate.

Trump continues to swing between being a total idiot and doing some good things. If you ignore a lot of what he says, and tweets, he isn’t all that bad. But since when are you supposed to ignore what POTUS says? Unless you believe that all presidents lie. Which is true. So ignoring much of what they say has always been a part of politics. This is so confusing.

I know that I am in favor of what Trump is doing in the cartoon below. There was a time when I wouldn’t have believed I would ever approve of anything he did.

Then there’s Hollywood. Which came first the giant egos that believe that what they have to say is important to the American people? Which came first their ego or their hypocrisy?


Senate Democrats and anti-gun advocates debated furiously with NRA spokespeople and GOP lawmakers on cable news all weekend over anti-gun legislation. Their premise is, if we make guns illegal, nobody will get shot anymore. That’s how we stopped everybody from doing drugs.


Meanwhile the NFL continues to do it’s best to destroy itself.

With Roger Goodell as it’s head the NFL is in a crisis and many of it’s players seem determined to make it worse. Goodell seems to have finally realized that allowing the temper tantrum of the NFL wealthy players to continue has caused damage that may never be repaired. The great article below explains why.

Roger Goodell Killed the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

NFL owners and players say that there was no intent to dishonor the flag or those that serve under it. Some now take a knee in a prayer circle and pretend that’s what was intended all along. That isn’t going to work. Because they whole thing started with a fool, a rich and entitled fool, who sought to make his radical girl friend happy by making a political statement in front all those cameras.

Payer circles and Colin Kaepernick? Give me a break.

Meanwhile: Colin Kaepernick files grievance against NFL owners, and blames Trump


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that NFL players should stand for the National Anthem. The whole rebellion is backfiring. L.A. cop cars just replaced their sirens with the National Anthem, so that when fleeing suspects hear it, they’ll drop to one knee and be easier to catch.


The NFL Players Union vowed to sue to keep players from being benched for kneeling during the Anthem. What a mess. We live in a country where taking a knee can get you benched by the Dallas Cowboys, Holy Communion in the Episcopal Church, or the female lead in a Weinstein movie.

Speaking of Weinstein – the scandal rages on. Most of Hollywood and most of the Democrat Party elite try to distance themselves from this vile man. A man who most of them professed to love a short time ago.

You don’t have to be rich and famous to think the world owes you. Which came first the sense of entitlement from those on public assistance or the assistance? Why do we owe them a living? Why do we owe them a college education? Why do we owe them a damn thing? Because it seems to me, and this is just my observation, that the more we give them the more they want. Which leads to thinking they’re entitled to what they want.

The left, which includes the media, the entertainment industry and the Democrat Party have lost their minds. Their outrage that Hillary lost and Trump won is so ridiculous that watching the “news” is impossible. Attacks against Trump never stop. Add in the stupidity of sports entertainment and citizens cannot escape politics without turning them all off.  So they are doing just that.

The first law of holes, or the law of holes, is an adage which states that “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”. Meaning that if in an untenable position, it is best to stop carrying on and exacerbating the situation.

We are subjected to the opinions of dolts and dunderheads who call Trump a dolt and a dunderhead. They are screaming for his impeachment for the crime of defeating the Hillary Hag, proving them wrong when they said he could never win, and for surviving an onslaught of negative reporting that should have sunk him a hundred times.

George Lopez unleashes barrage of anti-Trump jokes at charity event — quickly learns hard lesson 

Comedian George Lopez was reportedly booed off the stage at a charity event last week after he soured the crowd with a number of anti-Trump jokes.

Late night talk show hosts are saying if you’re a Trump supporter then don’t watch them. I suspect many will take them at their word. It’s not as if there aren’t many other forms of entertainment and many other places to get them. Killing the geese, or telling them to go away, seems stupid considering that these are the geese that kept the gold in their pockets.

Which came first? I don’t know. I only know that some people think what they think is far more important than what we think. And some of us think we’ve had quite enough of them, their massive egos and their nonsense.

Have a great day and don’t let the stupidity get you down. I don’t think it’s catching.

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