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Alien Invasion, And A Little Good News *Open Thread*

September 21, 2021

There’s no other way to put it. Our southern border is being invaded by hordes of people from all over the world.  They are literally pouring in here by the hundreds an hour. AN HOUR, people.

I am not being hyperbolic on that. Check out this video:

Yep, they’re just splish-splashing their way into the country with nary a Fed in sight to try and stop them. Nope.

And the bridge the reporter mentioned is the one below where US Sen. Ted Cruz is. That’s where they are amassing by the THOUSANDS. Again, that is NOT hyperbole. Look for yourselves:

Because the Federal Government absolutely REFUSES to address this crisis. They are allowing people who are ill with the Wuhan Flu to come into the country, over FORTY THOUSAND OF THEM, sending them all over creation, while treating actual citizens like prisoners. That is just all kinds of messed up.

Well, Texas is over it. They are not putting up with the Feds refusing to do their constitutional duty to protect our country. They are taking  matters into their own hand and having their OWN officers take over the border to keep people out. From The Federalist:

With substantial bipartisan support, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law HB 9, which allocates a hefty $1.8 billion to enable state agencies and border counties to deter illegal crossings, protect private property, and increase prosecution of state crimes committed by unauthorized migrants.

The single largest chunk of the new funding, $750 million, is being dedicated to the construction of up to 730 miles of border wall, a security need previously identified and approved by both Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress, including the current president, but abruptly and irresponsibly canceled at the outset of his administration. This appropriation is on top of the $250 million in emergency Texas border wall funding already allocated by Abbott.

In testimony before state legislators, Texas National Guard Adjutant General Tracy Norris explained that more than 100 landowners along the state’s unsecured international border with Mexico have asked for the wall to be built on their land. Initially, temporary fencing will be built by 12 of the Guard’s engineer teams at a pace expected to exceed more than one mile per day, up from the current few hundred feet per day being built by only one engineer team. Eventually, the temporary fencing will be replaced by a permanent barrier. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

That’s how it’s done. But it shouldn’t have to come down to each state enforcing its border. We pay hefty taxes for the Federal Government to protect our borders. Illegal Aliens are getting quite a bit, though – food, shelter, education, medical care, and if Biden has his way, Welfare, too, particularly for the Afghans his Administration is bringing into the country..

Speaking of, there are the tens of thousands of unvetted Afghans the Biden Administrations has flown into our country. They aren’t the people who SHOULD have been flown in – interpreters and others who assisted our troops over the past twenty years. And they aren’t the AMERICANS this Administration left behind. They are people who this Administration let in willy-nilly. A Representative in Montana recently noted that this Administration is trying to put a bunch of them into HIS state, Matt Rosendale, had this to say about it:

“Today I learned that 75 refugees from Afghanistan will be arriving in Montana. I strongly oppose the resettlement of these Afghan nationals in Montana. Following the Biden Administration’s disastrously mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan, I warned that we could not use this Administration’s incompetence to justify flooding our communities with unvetted refugees. The traditional vetting process for these individuals is a 14-step procedure, that takes well over a year. The mass evacuation of over 100,000 Afghan nationals in a matter of weeks has made proper vetting of these individuals near impossible. At this time, it appears extremely unlikely the Biden Administration properly vetted the Afghan nationals being resettled in Montana. I have advocated that we should try and settle these individuals in other countries around Afghanistan that share their values and culture, especially if we can not ensure proper vetting. As elected officials, it is our duty to protect the citizens we represent—and I will not allow this Administration to compromise the safety of Montanans,” Representative Rosendale said. (Click here to read the rest.)

Makes you wonder how many of these unvetted people are being settled into YOUR community and state, doesn’t it? And why are these people being brought here in the FIRST place instead of finding refuge in countries close by which shares more of their values, like SHARIA LAW, for instance, which 99% of them support. Yeah. Think about that one for a second. Makes you wonder all the more why our Administration is bringing these people here…

Ugh. It is a terrible result of having Biden in the White House, no matter how he got in there.

You know the Democrats and RINOs (looking at you, Lindsey) want to give them amnesty.

That’s where some good news comes in. The Democrats in the Senate tried to get amnesty snuck into the Budget Reconciliation bill. That’s where the Senate Parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough, comes in. Here’s what McDonough had to say about this effort as reported by the Washington Times:

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough shot down Democrats’ plans to add an amnesty for as many as 8 million illegal immigrants to the $3.5 trillion budget bill, ruling Sunday that the sweeping move would violate the chamber’s rules.

Democratic leaders pronounced themselves disappointed but insisted they’ll try to find other ways to work toward legal status for illegal immigrant “Dreamers,” holders of Temporary Protected Status and “essential” workers.


Democrats had hoped to use the budget “reconciliation” process to win an amnesty without having to survive a GOP-led filibuster. It was always going to be a tough path, needing all 50 members of the Democratic Caucus on board and the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Ms. MacDonough’s ruling means they might not get the chance.

As parliamentarian, she is the gatekeeper of the chamber’s rules, and under the budget process she is granted power to referee whether the policies included in the budget bill are actually focused on the budget, or merely incidental. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Whew. Thank God for MacDonough. In this instance, she is doing right by both the procedures (amnesty in the budget reconciliation bill? Give me a break.). Let’s hope she continues to stay strong in keeping to the letter of the rules. God bless her for it.

Our country is being overrun under this Administration. It needs to stop. It can’t just be the responsibility of each state to use their own people at the borders while the Biden Administration sits on its hands, or makes it worse, as they have been doing. We deserve to have real action on this matter since WE ARE PAYING FOR IT. Make our tax dollars mean something.

That’s it for me. Feel free to share whatever is on your minds.

This is an Open Thread.