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Song, Dance, And Kicking Back *Weekend Open Thread*

August 12, 2017

Here we are, at the Weekend again. I am really hoping that by the time this goes up, North Korea won’t have bombed Guam. And hopefully, we won’t be entering WWIII with a raving lunatic who has nuclear weapons capable of being put in missiles that we know can reach us.

And I’m sorry, but – how is it that the Washington Post found this out before our INTELLIGENCE OFFICERS??? I mean, really, isn’t that what those people are paid with OUR tax dollars to know??? WTH? Sheesh!

Ahem. Sorry. Weekend Open Thread, breathe, breathe, breathe…Better.

Okay, now that my blood pressure is back down, oh, do I have some wonderful things to share with you. I hope you will like them, and that they will help lower your blood pressure, too.

Recently, my sister and I are big fans of Celtic Woman. One of the pieces they perform is “You Lift Me Up.” My sister sent me the following version of it this week. I think you’ll like it:

How wonderful was that for the bride to give this song to her groom? And getting her father in on it, even though it was clearly hard for him, was really sweet. The whole production must have taken a LOT of time to plan, rehearse, and make sure it was perfect. And it was. What a wonderful way to begin a wedding ceremony!

Then there is the dance portion of this Weekend Post. Oh, my, is this something special. You will probably want to watch it more than once. I know I did. Here it is (h/t Facebook friend):

Wasn’t that something? Talk about needing to breathe! I realized I was holding my breath occasionally at some of the moves these two performed. Stunning. Just stunning. The abilities of the human body never cease to amaze me…

Since it is the weekend and time to kick back a bit, I have to share the most ADORABLE video with you from a site I “liked” on Facebook. It is a place in Alaska called Gwin’s Lodge, a retreat for those who like to fish. They are no strangers to bears up in that neck of the woods, and this video they shared was just too too cute. Prepare to oooohhh, ahhh, and laugh a little:

How absolutely PRECIOUS was that? Now, I know that wild bears are EXTREMELY dangerous, and can main or kill in an instant. But still, this little baby bear is so cute, as is the dog cuddling it, that I can’t help but want to pet that little thing! At least that little one is likely a bit tame, so there is that. And who am I kidding – I want to pet them BOTH!

But hey, there is no danger of me running into a bear anytime soon, though. Why? Because as of Saturday, I am down in Grand Cayman for a couple of weeks. What a great way to continue my recovery from my most recent surgery, as well as being  a last hurrah before my shoulder surgery in September (sigh). I will be around some, and I have no doubt dear Marge will continue with her outstanding posts in my absence when the Spirit moves. While there may be large iguanas, including blue ones, dogs, lots of chickens, and all kinds of amazing sea life, there are no bears here. So no worries there!

I hope you are having a good August weekend too. Hard to believe that Summer is beginning to fade, and kids are already starting back to school (so EARLY – what’s that about, I ask you?!). But Summer it still is, at least for a little bit longer. I hope you are kicking back and enjoying it your own selves…

That’s it for me. This is your Weekend Open Thread. While I breathe in the fresh Caribbean Sea air, I hope you have a song in your heart, and a little dance in your step. Feel free to discuss whatever is on your minds, be it a song, or dance, or whatever else it is. Have at it!