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How Has This Happened To Our Country, Open Borders And Sanctioned Infanticide? *Open Thread*

September 28, 2021

I realize that is not the cheeriest of titles to greet you.  That’s where I am today, and so, that’s what you get.

I am deeply troubled by where our country is today, not just on these issues, but with the clear issues of voter fraud, almost 60,000 questionable ballots in one county alone, the FBI’s clear politicization, the disparate treatment of US citizens based on ideology, and more.

We all know by now that our President is blaming our Border Patrol for – wait for it -PATROLLING THE BORDER. I mean, come on, how much more screwed up can we be that the President of the nation whose Constitutional duty it is to secure our borders and make sure our laws are obeyed is all upset at the people whose job it is to protect and secure the border, and try to make sure our laws are obeyed? These people are being INVESTIGATED, and the President has already essentially claimed they are guilty of crimes they did not commit.

For any President of the United States to so willfully violate our laws and judicial system of presumed innocence is appalling. There are four Republican Representatives who have filed Articles of Impeachment against this President, and rightfully so. It should be EVERY freaking Republican pushing those articles, but whatevs. We have a lot of bandwagoners and not so many people of courage, unfortunately.

But I digress. I want to get back to this whole border situation. Chris Bedford had a good piece in The Federalist in which he challenges Roman Catholic bishops for their support of open borders and the damage that is doing. From The Federalist:

The images flickering across American television screens this past year, and particularly these past couple of weeks, show that clearly. They are scenes of terrible suffering, of fear, exploitation, disease, trafficking in drugs and women and children, of rape and sexual assault, of human slavery and human desperation. They are scenes borne of weakness, lawlessness, and the criminal exploitation of the vacuum that lawlessness creates.

And here’s what might be the most tragic aspect: The bishops of the Catholic Church bear a lot of responsibility for this disaster.

It’s a hard charge to make and not one to be taken lightly, but it’s true: They help make this possible. How? Through their promotion to open borders — a strict adherence that warps God’s call to love our neighbors, and misunderstands the criminal situation at the border.

Take a look at how quickly they condemned President Donald Trump’s moves to seal the southern border and liberate it from the control of drug cartels. Look at the statement they released condemning the construction of a border wall, which they bafflingly claimed would “undermine the right to freedom of worship.”

That is a curious claim about the Wall. The Bishops may think they are doing the right thing by wanting to throw open wide the borders to every soul coming over, whether they are criminal or innocent – and how would we know since everyone is able to come through:

Once again, this is no exaggeration. Almost everything you’ve been told by corporate media about the border is a lie. Our border story is not “Homeward Bound III,” or “Fievel Goes North” — it’s an organized cartel operation, complete with tagging systems and lines. It’s also rife with sexual slavery, labor slavery, and unbelievable cruelty. Everything about the U.S.-Mexico border and what happens there is built on ignoring our laws, ignoring common sense, and ignoring basic humanity in favor of silence and cowardice.

The U.S. has chosen not to control its border, and that’s the key word — choose. We are easily rich enough and powerful enough to guard a few hundred miles of desert if we wanted. It would cost us one-fiftieth of what was so eagerly spent on a single failed war in Afghanistan. But no, we choose to not control our border. So somebody else controls it in our place. Gary Hale, a drug policy fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute in Houston, summed it up: “Criminal organizations control the border.”

What criminal organizations? The Mexican cartels. They have guns, knives, and the depravity to use both on any who oppose them. The result is a hellscape of human smuggling and exploitation.

A half-century ago, most people illegally crossing the border did so by themselves. Today, more than 95 percent hire a smuggler, many of them tied to the cartels. Human smuggling inevitably means everything that phrase evokes: migrants extorted for all their earthly possessions, young girls subjected to sexual exploitation, drugs and weapons pouring over the border, and people murdered when they see too much, say too much, or simply upset the wrong person. […] (Click here to read the rest.)

Those realities should weigh heavy on EVERYONE, Bishops and Americans, who think they are just helping people. They may be helping some, but NO ONE comes into the USA through the Southern border without the permission of cartels. That alone should shut the borders down immediately.

I recommend reading all of Bedford’s article. Our religious leaders need to do better than they are on this issue, that much seems clear.

That goes for the issue of Life, too. As Bedford noted, the Bishops are surely Pro-Life, but that doesn’t bring in the big bucks. Curious, that.

This is important not just for Catholics, but for all pro-Life Americans as all but one of the Democrat Representatives voted to make abortion legal on demand at any time of the pregnancy up to delivery. I recognize that not everyone is pro-Life, and that’s their choice, of course, but to me, killing a nine month viable baby is infanticide and abhorrent. It represents an evil I never dreamed I would see in this country. But that’s where we are. From Margot Cleveland at The Federalist:

The bill, however, goes beyond gutting state laws regulating abortions: It also expressly provides that it supersedes all other federal and state laws, including the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. This provision suggests that those with a religious or conscientious objection to assisting with or providing abortions may soon find no legal refuge. The Hyde Amendment that bars federal funding of abortions appears at risk, too, as do prohibitions on coverage for abortions in insurance contracts.

H.R. 3755 also guarantees a right to abortion post-viability if a medical professional concludes “continuation of pregnancy” would pose a risk to a woman’s life or health—even though the baby could be safely delivered instead of aborted. And “health” remains undefined, guaranteeing medical providers possess unlimited discretion to determine whether a risk—no matter how insignificant—permits the abortion of a near-term unborn baby.

D.C. Democrats may see H.R. 3755 as a winning wedge issue, but the majority of Americans, including many from their own party, will be appalled by the House Democrats’ attempt to force upon the states the most extreme abortion laws in the nation. Most Americans will likewise find the wokeism recited in the bill laughable. (Click here to read the rest.)

The Senate better step it up and not pass this monstrosity. I pray that is the case…

This is an Open Thread.