BREAKING NEWS – No Indictment Against Officer Wilson in Ferguson! UPDATEDx2

November 24, 2014 by

Update at the end of the post.

I am watching the comments by Robert McCulloch, the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, out of Clayton, MO. He has made it abundantly clear that the Grand Jury went through a tremendous number of interviews, saw a great deal of evidence, heard from three different medical examiners, and more. After two days of deliberations, they came to the conclusion of NO INDICTMENT for Officer Wilson.

McCulloch also detailed where DNA and blood was found in Officer Wilson’s vehicle, on Officer Wilson, and gunshot residue.

From the information presented, it sounds as though the Grand Jury was a sober, deliberative body that reviewed all the available evidence, heard all the relevant testimony, and came to this conclusion as a result.

No doubt, there will be articles available soon that detail all of the information McCulloch gave in his presentation (still on-going).

Hopefully, people will keep their heads, and acknowledge that this deliberative body did its work, and came to the only possible conclusion. And hopefully, this will allow both the Brown family and the Wilson family to achieve some amount of closure, and bring some resolution to this tragic event. Not that it will erase the pain, but hopefully, it will give them the opportunity to come to grips with what happened without the glare of the media, the DOJ, the President, and the country bearing down on them. There has been enough ginning up of anger over this. Time for the race baiters, the antagonists, and the agitators to let it go, and to let these families deal with what happened with some modicum of privacy.

The Grand Jury has spoken. May all involved accept this decision and respect the rule of law.

Please feel free to add any new information that comes out. Consider this an Open Thread.

UPDATE: Thanks to Kinthenorthwest, we have the link to view ALL of the evidence and testimony from the Grand Jury hearing. What I have seen so far is most enlightening. Here is the link:

And I also want to share this video from an interview I saw last night on Megyn Kelly. Joe Hicks is a former Civil Rights leader, and what he has to say about the events of last night, as well as the elevation of Brown to martyr status, is powerful indeed:

And that is pretty much what I have been saying. The professional race-baiters, the media, and the top of our government have exacerbated this situation TREMENDOUSLY. They have, by the manner by which they inserted themselves, told groups they are above the law, and that this is how we now respond when we don’t like the verdict based on FACTS and EVIDENCE. We riot, loot, burn buildings, shoot a police officer, and create general mayhem. Apparently, THAT is who we are now.

That is a damn shame. And it needs to change so we ARE a nation of laws after all…

UPDATE #2: A couple of things I want to mention. The Lt. Gov. of Missouri, Peter Kinder, a Republican, was just on “America’s Newsroom.” He is NOT happy with Gov. Nixon, a Democrat, over how things were handled last night. Never mind that he was not even told about the announcement, but he, like many of us, is wondering why in the HELL the National Guard wasn’t deployed to Ferguson, why this lawlessness and destruction was allowed to happen (I figure some lawsuits are coming Nixon’s way from the business owners who lost their businesses). He also said that he would not have negotiated with violent protestors like the police did. No freakin’ kidding. So, yeah, if you were wondering where in the hell the National Guard was last night, you are not alone.

The second thing I wanted to highlight was a good post from Legal Insurrection this morning:

[…] The people who deserve the most sympathy in Ferguson are the parents of Michael Brown who lost their son. That makes them the biggest losers and I mean that in a sympathetic way.

The second biggest loser in Ferguson is the liberal media which flocked to the scene and stoked racial bias. Now that the facts are in, they look like complete fools. I mean that in a non-sympathetic way.

The third biggest loser in Ferguson is President Obama who made a hasty statement on the situation which opened with these words:

First and foremost, we are a nation built on the rule of law.

We are? Really? […] (Click here to read the rest.)

I do feel sorry for the family, but they have also exploited the death of their son. That Brown’s mother beat up and robbed his grandmother not too long ago says a lot, too, and none of it good. No doubt they are grieving, and likely not thinking straight, but for this blanket amnesia and intentional denial of the facts on the ground from the get-go, like the video of Brown strong-arm robbing a shopkeeper, speaks volumes, too. Again, none of it is good.

As Legal Insurrection noted, the media played a HUGE role in that, and should be held to account for it.

I am sure there will be more to come on all of this. Thanks for the good information in the Comments. Keep ‘em coming!


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